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Sunday, October 01, 2006

This Post Brought To You By The Letter 'F'

So internet gambling is now illegal. Huh. Anyone got an over/under for the number of prosecutions in the next year? I'd bet (play money) that it's pretty low.

Still, this isn't a good development. Kudos to whomever deemed the manuevers involved a 'Frist fcuking'.

The current issue of Time magazine mentions that Congress had a 25% approval rating in a recent poll (compared to which President Bush looks positively beloved). If they'd asked me, the number would be even lower.

I'd like to see some changes via the fall elections. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing too many candidates out there who will stand up in favor of internet gambling.


Since I didn't get any snarky comments to my last post, I'll have to do it myself: 'Best poker blog ever? HA! You can't even hold the jock of whomever it is that blogjacked the PokerNerd's old space'.


Party continues to try and get me to hang around, dishing out $15 (play money) to use in the Casino with only a 1x wagering requirement. Played a few hands of Blackjack, so rigged. But when you've got nothing at stake, does it really matter?

Now that's it's October, time to cash out and start moving around trying to use theoretical bonus money to pad the hypothetical bankroll.

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