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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fair Compensation

After the fact "live blog" of WBCOOP Event #1 on PokerStars:

14:00 - Play begins.  Pot limit omaha, full ring.  540 entrants, lots of eurotards.  T3000 to start.  200 people get tickets to the WBCOOP Main Event, the top 153 get various SCOOP ticket prizes too.

14:01 to 14:20  - I play about two hands past a limp.  I pick up some chips with top set versus second set on a straighty flushy fugly board.  I pick up some more when I push out five limpers with a pot bet after I flop top two and a gutshot on a 9 high board.  

14:20 - I have to leave.  I sit out with about 4500 chips. 

14:20 to 16:40 - attend pretrial conference and conduct other business away from the office.  It takes longer than it could have/should have.

16:45 - return to office, check tournament status.  Discover that I just blinded off in 148th place, winning my main event ticket plus an $11 SCOOP ticket.  Boom!

16:46 - Tiger Woods style fist pump

16:47 - much LOLing

Yeah, that was pretty unexpected.  My goal was to get to 10,000 chips (or busto) before I left, but my horrible weak/tight nature prevents me from tarding it up with hands like Q663 unsuited.  As it turns out the delay in getting back probably helped, since I would have shoved any four cards pretty much long before I blinded off.

I still can't believe that my dead stack survived TWO bubbles.  That's just crazy.

Event #2 tomorrow evening, I think it's at 17:00.  A friendlier time to Eastern US donkeys.

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OhCaptain said...

Well played!