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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Outside Zone

alt hed: Epic FAIL at all things blogging

Still plugging away a little here and a little there, trying to reach a hands played goal to unlock an imaginary bonus. Crossed the 50% mark last night but only have 4 or 5 days left so I'm not going to make it all the way.

To speed things up I mixed in two tables of 3/6 play chip LHE yesterday ... which only confirmed my belief that microstakes LHE players are idjts. Sir, did you really just four bet me with 77 out of position and then play it hard to showdown? I guess when the chips don't matter it's easier for people to play like morans. LOLimit.

PLO continues to be the preferred game of omatards everywhere. I got stacked once in a battle of epic draws - I forget the specifics but we both had a bunch of straight and flush outs, I was ahead with two pair when the chips went in, it happens. Other than that it was a meh evening that saw a lot of folding of crap like Q952 four suited.

I never did find the "zone".

Life goes on. It's been hard to find time to play between work, house projects and golf but that's summer for you.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Functionally Limited

I came to a realization last night and thought that I would share it with anyone who happens by this corner of the nets:

People that play online low stakes (play chip ldo) limit hold'em are even MORE retarded than the mouth-breathing omatards that inhabit the nanostakes PLO tables.

Good lord.

I've been mixing in a little limit HE just for kicks - partly because the cool kids are doing it, but mostly because it takes forever to clear imaginary bonuses playing PLO - and it's been quite a ride. I haven't quite figured out how I used to play LHE for hours on end without going completely insane - after getting runner-runnered twice by the same single-celled life form twice in an orbit I was ready to put a brick through my computer screen even though I didn't lose enough play chips to buy a happy meal for each kid on Jon and Kate Plus Eight or whatever that show is that I don't watch.

And so it goes. I've reached 45% of goal, hand-wise, with 9 days remaining. I don't think I'm going to make it. Too bad.


Don't forget to start making your plans for the December WPBT gathering in Las Vegas, the weekend of December 11. Always a terrific time. I won't be there this year barring a major turn of events ... following the hijinks on Twitter will have to do.

Monday, August 10, 2009

[Mostly O/T] The Wiz

Sometimes it is the littlest of things that make you feel the best.

I consider myself reasonably handy. I can fix quite a few of the things around the house that break. I don't mess with natural gas and I don't get carried away with electric projects, but otherwise I can usually take care of "issues".

A few weeks ago I noticed that my kitchen faucet was becoming sluggish. I got less and less flow as time went on. I diagnosed the problem correctly, looked up the solution on the internets and eventually decided that it didn't apply to my model of faucet.

In other words: I didn't think I could fix it.

The stupid thing had almost zero flow tonight, so I revisited the solution. Moments before I had made up my mind to either post something on a forum or just give up and call a plumber, I took one more look at it. Grabbed some pliers, got a grip I hadn't had before, and voila. Clean it out, reassemble and test to see if I needed a new part and ...



Fifteen seconds of labor, one helluva rush. You want to feel godlike -- okay, how about Wizard of Oz-like -- for a few minutes, go figure something out. Even stupid home repairs can give you that feeling that poker used to give you.


Speaking of which ... On the poker front I'm limping upward and have cleared about 30% of my imaginary bonus. That leaves a ton of hands to play in the next 3 weeks if I'm going to reach my arbitrary goal.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Just Got Superused

Playing PLO.

The board is 4c 9d 6h Qs.

I'm holding Td 7c 8s Jh - not a great hand but still. I raise the turn after opponent has lead the flop and turn out of position.

Opponent takes time, finally calls ... with 7s 5c 2h 5h. That's right - a pair of 5s and a gutshot to a non-nut straight. Fourth pair, basically no draw.

The sad thing is that he was both ahead and a favorite.

Son of a bitch.


Incidentally, Stars has a reload bonus for people who play for cash money.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

[Mostly O/T] Waiting For Cash For Duffers

I go by the local Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealer pretty often. It's been a depressing sight all year, with hardly any turnover. I think they even had some 2008 models languishing on the lot. I'd guess they had fifty or sixty assorted new vehicles.

I went by today and they had almost no inventory at all! They must have sold at least three dozen vehicles this week, which is a lot for a no-horse town. I've never seen their lot so empty. Incredible.

I guess there really was pent-up demand for new cars, at least if you were willing to throw seven to nine grand on the hood.


And just to make this a poker post, in my head I've cleared 20% of my FTP bonus. One good session (well except for the stacking by a straight flush > my ace high flush, that was unnecessary), one *** session where nothing hit, nothing filled, every time I got it in good I got sucked out on. In other words, standard. I have a pretty good imagination.

I've also determined that I can handle six tables of play chip PLO but eight is a bit much. My 'puter and net connection just aren't up to it.

Now if only I can stop playing so much junk out of position...