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Monday, January 21, 2008


It's snowing. Giant, fluffy flakes are gently wafting downward. The trees and bushes are all covered. What else can I say -- it's beautiful. The world is one big Norman Rockwell print and I can't help but love it, even if I am one of the few people stuck at work right now.


The snow is also awful. I received the phone call I half-expected just a few minutes ago. Multiple cancellations. No home game tonight. Crap.

What's a sad addict to do? The live charity games don't run on Mondays. There's no way on earth - not that I would anyway - that I'm driving to a casino in this mess.

I actually have a yen to play, so it's looking like it'll be an evening of putting mouth breathing idiots to decisions for all of their play chips online. Either that or the MATH, which, um, well, no comment.


It was a terrific weekend - that is, it was a terrific weekend to stay home and do nothing, which is exactly what I did. I continued my string of days without playing - which is up to what, about two weeks now - and any internet time was frittered away on Scrabble.

Today being MLK Day kinda of sucks. All the federal and state stuff is closed. The schools are closed. The adjacent counties are closed. But ours has to be open. I have no idea why - I don't think it's redneckery or racism at work, but it could be. Let's get with the program here people. Not only should we celebrate this holiday, we should have a day for each of the other cultures that make up this country - one in each of the otherwise under-holidayed months like March and June. Diversity yes, holidays yes.

Time to go back to watching the clock.


Edited to add: I think some of my recent poker malaise has been an inability to decide what to play. I think that if I went back and looked at all of my hand histories - I've been pretty lax about using Pokertracker since the UIGEA - over time I'd find that I am about a break even player in limit cash games. I'm a definite loser in no limit cash games. I'm slightly (and I mean VERY slightly) positive in PLO cash games. I've never had any notable success playing Donk 'n Gos. Any appreciable additions to my roll have come via bonuses or tournament scores, and I've never really kept track of my tournament "net", so I don't know if MTTs are +EV. There's also the problem of the time commitment involved. So what should I play?

I guess I have something to think about this afternoon.