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Friday, February 22, 2008


I had planned to play the Riverchasers and the KORD last night, but I didn't make it that far.

After getting home at a relatively early hour, I fired up a few tables. Some $3 KO 90 man SnGs. A $20 PLO tournament. One table of cash NL. All of these had a spot on my screen at one time.

And all of them ended badly. The FTP RNG was NOT my friend.

It didn't help that I played poorly. I didn't have to lose a full stack with AA vs. QQ in the cash game - if I were a better player, I could have gotten away from it only down a half stack. (As an aside, LOL at the donk who thought his unimproved TT might be good against two players going to war). A bad read and a poor decision on my part.

Other than a half dozen or so knockout bounties, I got nothing out of the SnGs. Didn't make a single final table.


I really felt like I got hosed in the PLO tournament, and not just because it was a 6 max tournament which I didn't notice. I had an major donk on my right who ran good early and was the chip leader for quite a while. I'd built up to about 8k - slightly above average - with less than 30 players left when I had a golden opportunity to double through the super donk. In position, I flop the nut straight, turn the second nut flush and make an awfukkit call (and lose - deservedly) when the board pairs on the river. Congratulations, sir, playing Q993 and calling down with middle set is truly an advanced play.

So, anyway, I knew that it wasn't my night. I also knew that I'd probably break something if subjected myself to the inevitable brick-brick-brick-brick of Stud H/L or Razz, so I shut it down. I think a day or two off might be a good idea.

Have a good Friday.