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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mostly O/T: Las Vegas and Shirts

I received my quarterly mailing from Harrah's last week.

For the last couple years I have always received an offer for two free nights at most of their Las Vegas properties, good anytime except for a tiny number of super premium dates like New Year's Eve. Last year with the economy hurting they even upped it to three free nights.

This time, I'm back down to two and they're mid-week nights only.

I think this means one of two things - either it's been a long time since I've been to Las Vegas, or the Vegas economy is improving enough that they no longer have to give away the store just to drum up a little traffic.

I don't think the economy is improving all that much.

Anyway, I see that April has determined dates for the December WPBT gathering. If you've ever thought about going it's a terrific time. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to go but you never know. If I can I'm gonna have to call up Harrah's and convince them to restore me to Semi-Valuable Customer status -- I don't mind staying at the House of Broken (a/k/a the Imperial Palace) but I'm not crazy about paying for it other than through donations at the Pai Gow table.


I was in Staples yesterday and I saw a kid wearing a really, really faded Full Tilt T-shirt.

Congratulations online poker, you've officially been around for a long time.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bad Blogger, Good Blogger, Good Book

I have been a bad blogger. It's just the way it is. I haven't logged on since my last post. Haven't played a hand. I briefly considered going to check out the live charity game scene but no follow through on that either. It happens. Maybe once golf season slows down.

Since reading my blog is a waste of time right now, maybe you should read a good blogger. Or better yet, buy a book from him. Dr. Pauly from the Tao of Poker (as opposed to the Yao of Poker) has finally published Lost Vegas. It's available from Lulu, for the link visit Pauly's site.

I got my copy a couple of weeks ago and read it in very short order. If you're a regular Tao reader you'll recognize a fair number of the stories. Even so, it's very much worth it for the tales that you hadn't heard or have forgotten. Pauly is right there in the trenches, living the life and his writing puts you squarely in the middle of the action (cliche score: 3). You'll meet the degenerates, hopefuls and total scumbags that make Las Vegas such an interesting place. You'll also read about a lot of douchebags poker players.

Buy a copy of this book. It's a win-win proposition: You support one of the hardest living working bloggers in the business and you get entertainment in return. It's a no brainer. Like me.