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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

In The Membrane

I've frequently read that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting the results to somehow be different.

If that's accurate, I must be insane.  At least when it comes to poker.

My lack of tilt control is what eventually does me in.  I string together a number of winning sessions and then WHAM-O I have one bad one and it just decimates things.  And I do this over and over again.


I played a little session on Friday.  I played bad, but my old buddy the Full Tilt RNG also had it in for me.  I got rivered by a constellation of inferior hands.  It was sickening.  A little more than 1.5 buyins went poof.

Suitably tilted, I moved games and moved down.  I just didn't move down far enough.  If I had ANY sense I would move down and just play 2NL where I can steam raise at will and still not lose much.  That would be too logical.  Instead I moved down to my regular PLO game and proceeded to get hammered some more.

Sigh.  Those quarter-of-bankroll beatings are frustrating.  I had to take the rest of the weekend off to simmer down.


I should post this on the forums, but I'll ask here instead.  As always, please take into account the fact that I'm not good at poker.  You're welcome to criticize my multiple mistakes but yeah, not good at poker.  I think I'm remembering the facts right.

The game is Rush NL100.  I have 99 in late position.  Early position makes a standard raise to 3.  I call, both blinds call.  

Flop is 965 with two clubs.  Checked around to me, I bet it, one of the blinds check raises.  I call.  Guh.

Turn is another club.  I think it was the king of clubs.  Blind boy bets out big.

What do you think are the chances that blind boy doesn't have either 87 or clubs?


Under miscellaneous, I did pick up an HTC Incredible and have already wasted a fair amount of time messing around with it ... without even scratching the surface of what can be done.  Thanks to my invisible internet friends who recommended it.

It remains to be seen whether I can stay under the 150MB limit or whether I'll have to upgrade to the unlimited data plan.  There are a lot of places I can use wifi, but it will be downtime where I don't have access that will make the call.

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BG said...

I'm using 350-450MB/mo, and I barely leave the house. You're going to probably want the upgrade. has the list of apps I use.