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Thursday, September 30, 2010


I walked out of K Mart tonight to a scene I haven't run across in quite a while. Just a few steps from the doors two skinny dudes straddled a woman, keeping her pinned to the pavement. A spilled sack of stuff from inside the store was nearby. It looked mostly like things from the health and beauty department - shampoo and such. Even though I hadn't seen what happened it was pretty obvious that the lady had been busted for shoplifting.

I hung around for a moment to wait for the police to arrive. It took about three minutes, a nice testament I guess to the efficiency of the local PD. A second cruiser arrived seconds later and within another minute or two the suspect had been double cuffed and stowed in back. As she was being put away one of the two dudes - obviously store security - told her to 'have a nice day'. The lady returned the pleasantry and I wandered off to my next stop.


I don't have any poker to write about. It's been ages since I've played live and I hardly even consider it an option. It would be a struggle to come up with a meaningful roll and I don't see a point to going to a game with barely one buyin. What's the point?

Online is somewhat the same. I do have a little there (thanks largely to to Full Tilt and the occasional bone thrown by Stars) so I could play if I wanted to, but again - what's the point?

It's a struggle playing well below where you are used to playing. It's hard to keep focus. Some guys (like BadBlood) can do it. I admire those who can. I'm just ADD enough to fail.


In my book, if you're going to try to steal something you might as well make it worthwhile. A couple bottles of Prell ain't gonna cut it.

"What does that have to do with anything?" I hear you ask. Well, nothing.

I've tried to keep this space pretty focused on things which are at least somewhat poker related over the years. As a result, it's been languishing. Going forward I might find some other things to "write" about.

Or then again I might get tased by store security. It sure as hell won't be at K Mart though. And when I tell the dudes to 'have a nice day' I'll probably be a little more sincere than what's her name.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just Stay Home Already

Another reason to never leave the couch: Pokerstars 50 billion hand promo coming soon!

I hope I have 3000 FPPs (think so) to get the fifty dollar cash credit - it would be nice to be able to step up to $0.02/$0.04.

Just kidding.


Again With The It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Football season. Yes. You know what that means: Fantasy Sports Live and their fantastic Sundays with Dr. Pauly promotion. Ripped straight from the FSL blog:
For 2010 we thought we would step things up a bit with our Sundays with Dr. Pauly promotion and increase the free bonus cash up to $1000. For qualified sports or gaming bloggers this year, all you need to do is play in our regular SWDP leagues, and we will double any bonus cash you win for up to an extra free $1000. That increases the potential amount of bonus cash added up to $2000. Not bad for just playing some fantasy football. The details are below and week 1 leagues are already forming. announces the new and improved Sundays with Dr. Pauly promotion for 2010 with at least $1000 in free bonus cash added. In Sundays with Dr. Pauly you get to compete against one of the top gaming bloggers in the world, Dr. Pauly himself, as well as against the other participants in the challenge. Sundays with Dr. Pauly will run throughout the 2010 NFL football season and offer multiple ways to earn free bonus cash. Simply enter the weekly fantasy football leagues called “Sundays w/Dr. Pauly” to qualify for your share of the free bonus cash. Bonus cash will be distributed as follows:

$150/$75/$25 will be distributed to the top three individual weekly fantasy football scores obtained during any week that Sunday’s with Dr. Pauly runs.

The series will be broken out into three 5 week mini-series with the winner of each series receiving $75 and entry into the week 16 Tournament of Champions

$250 will be added to the Week 16 Tournament of Champions. To gain entry into the Week 16 tournament, you need to either win a 5 week mini-series or beat Dr. Pauly’s
fantasy football score over four consecutive weeks during weeks 1-15. Anyone beating Dr. Pauly’s score in the TOC will receive a pro-rated share of the $250 added based on the amount they beat Dr. Pauly’s score by. If Dr. Pauly scores highest in the TOC, he wins the entire amount.

$150/$75/$50 will be awarded to the top three cumulative scores over the entire 17 week NFL season. Only the top 15 scores will be counted for each entry, so you can miss a week or two if you have to and still earn the bonus cash.

As an additional bonus, if you are a sports or gaming blogger and participate in the challenge we will double any bonus cash you receive. To be eligible for a doubling of the bonus cash prizes you must have an active sports or gaming blog that has existed for at least one year prior to September 1st 2010, and must post the Sundays with Dr. Pauly image, with a link to Approved blogs will have links to them shown in the Sunday’s with Dr. Pauly standings that will be updated on the FSL blog.

Sunday’s with Dr. Pauly leagues will have an $11 entry fee and payout 91% of the fees in regular cash prizes not counting the added bonus cash. We will offer a choice of either a 25 player league paying the top five or 10 player leagues paying the top 3 each week. We will try to keep SWDP leagues available until the league start-time, but we can’t guarantee this, so please enter the leagues early to reserve your seat.
I've taken out most of my FSL bankroll since the end of last season but I definitely will be in for this.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

#WPBT Alert

One of many reasons why I find myself wishing that I could go to the WPBT Winter Gathering in December: Pokerstars sponsorship of the tournament.

There's a reason why I only play on two sites (Stars and FTP) anymore - they support the community. Thanks Pokerstars!


In other news, FTP has a "Fast $50" bonus promotion running. Check your bonus offers.

I haven't been playing much but will probably pick up the pace with the launch of football season. That also means that my dormant Fantasy Sports Live blog will probably fire up again too.