poker downswing behind

Ways to get around the poker downswing behind

In some cases, they have been losing numerous sessions and lost considerable sums of money. If you play poker long enough, they too will finally experience a downswing. You sit down at the table with high expectations only to find out that her spirit and her game not harmonize. What makes everything worse with every loss decreases the self-confidence and motivation. To the provocative questions that bore into her head, include “How long will that take?” In addition, “What can I do to get back on the right track?”

poker downswing behind

Even if it is long and tedious to get rid of a downswing, there are still some belongings to do to reduce the pain and increase the likelihood of success. Here are five things you can do immediately and help them to focus specifically on their situation and turn things around. Continue reading

What is Free Poker Money

What is Free Poker Money

In recent years, there has been an increase in people who want to play online poker for money this is by no means a surprise, as the industry players to win, besides benefiting thousands of dollars if you play your cards right, also offers plenty of excitement. Of course, some people want to start small and sometimes without creation a deposit. Fortunately, there is a lot of competition in this industry, so many poker rooms offer the free money for poker games to move players to sign up. This free poker money no deposit required, has helped to turn poker into what it is today, as more and more players have signed up and thrown into the action.

What is Free Poker Money

Required free bonus online poker rooms, no deposit

Free Poker Money Free poker money should be distinguished from play money. Play money are usually virtual chips that do not actually exist. If a player wins a hand so in a non-tournament game, or a prize in a cash game, it does not get real money. Free money poker is different. The player is rewarded with a bonus that goes directly into the real bank account of the player. He can then use this money to non-tournament games, multi-table tournaments and ‘Sit and Go tournaments’ join; depending on the limitations of the bonus. Continue reading

online poker

When can online poker being cheated

Provider of online poker, there are many, but not all work with of good reputation methods. In particular, here Beginners should closely examine the terms and circumstances before you sign up on one platform.

Reputable providers recognize

Many online casinos offer new customers a bonus sum, which is credited with the first sum on the game account. With reputable sellers the terms of the bonuses are listed clear and do not have hidden only by copious navigation can be found in the small print. Many bookmakers also have online poker rooms in their offer. Players have the benefit that they can easily verify these suppliers to their seriousness than smaller, unknown platforms here.

online poker

It is recommended that you also see the imprint of those sites. It provides in order about which company the page belongs. Find here a household name can be assumed that here reputable. The larger the company, the riskier would be a loss of image, which is why very strictly controlled here as a rule, also part of the company. Easy access to customer service, including by phone hotline, also speaks for a reputable supplier, because players can be sure to get a contact person for questions and problems. Continue reading

The most popular casino games

The most popular casino games

While there are thousands of casinos worldwide, they offer all the same type of games. From poker to slot machines, players have a variety of offerings to satisfy their hunger. Although many think casinos are only for hard players, so there are games for everyone, no matter how experienced you. Nevertheless, it is important to know the ever-sought-after games in any entertainment venue. As a result, you will get a better perspective, if you decide you to enter a casino.

For beginners, the most popular and most sought after game is Slot Machine Slot Machine. This is one of the easiest games to learn, because you have just pulled on a lever if you have the feeling that the images match on the screen although most of this game has to do with extraordinary luck, there is still a chance to win hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For this reason, game lovers are dependent on this never-ending potential and end up giving hundreds of these machines. If you find a slot machine with a high payout and you set yourself a budget, these results may look fortunately promising.

The most popular casino games

If you have already collected a player a bit more experience, skill games are much better for you. Many players love hard blackjack. This type of card game is one of the easiest to learn, but it requires a lot of skill and thinking on your side. The player’s goal is to achieve the exact score of 21. Unfortunately, find blackjack games only between you and the dealer (dealer) instead mostly. While other players sitting at the table, everyone plays against the dealer. Continue reading

Poker Stars EPT

Poker Stars EPT Malta Main Event Day 1b

Day 1b of the Poker Stars European Poker Tour Malta Main Event 629 players were at the start, we currently have 887 participants, but the registration will remain open until day 2. Of the 627 starters on day 2 after eight, levels remained approximately 375 left, including the chip leader Max Silver with a heap of 176.100 chips. Reunion we are on day 2 and Sam Trickett (134,900), Kyle Henry (131.900), Vladimir Troyanovskiy (89,900), Yury Gulyy (108.800), Sylvain Loosli (112,000), Martin Jacobson (81.200) and Jonathan Little (89.400).

Poker Stars EPT

From the Team Poker Stars Pro and Online members had some good and some a less good day. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier (19,800), Eugene Katchalov (eliminated), Isaac Haxton (eliminated), Marc-Andre Ladouceur (50,400), George Danzer (59,000), Vanessa Selbst (83.200), Leo Margets (65,800), Jake Cody (78,000) and Jonathan Duhamel (46,200) represented the main online poker room. Continue reading

Poker News

Poker Stars Micro Millions in the starting wings

Micro million s is the most lucrative low stakes tournament sequence in online poker. Participants will have the chance to save a few dollars for a portion of $ 5,000,000 in prize money. As the world prepared for the tenth edition of the Micro Millions that from March 19 to 29 at Poker Stars is taking place, you can now contribute with your play money chips in tournaments in Micro Millions style.

The Micro Millions countdown begins on March 19 and has play money versions of the ten most popular Micro Millions Tournaments – each event with a high guaranteed chip prize pool. All tournaments have the same structure as their counterparts in the Micro Millions 10, ie, the same number of chips, the same blinds and the same level times the perfect way to top up your play money bankroll and prepare for the Micro Millions 10.

Poker News

Micro Millions Countdown – Participation

For a period of ten days, Poker Stars offers ten different Micro Millions Countdown tournaments – and so that you can develop a feeling for each tournament start in one-day tournaments of the same type. The buy-ins start at 10,000 chips and you can log in the Poker Stars lobby, click ‘Tourney’. Continue reading

Instructions for playing poker

To find a beginner’s guide is the first step on a long trip to experienced and successful players in online poker is to be. If you want to learn how to play poker, it is important to know the rules. The rules allow players to decide how to make moves and the pot sum of all bets wins, even without the correct hand to have to hold up this move.Instructions for playing poker

No Limit is certainly the best-known form of poker on most online poker sites. In these games, players sit around a table. There is a ‘small blind’ and ‘big blind’ (we assume 100/200), which is a prescribed quantity is to be done in the profit-pot. An ante is perhaps also required of each player. Continue reading

Back Again Naturally

Wow. I’m perpetually amazed by how much fun is had at the WPBT gatherings in Las Vegas. The most recent one was no exception.

It’s never perfect. There were several people missing I would have like to have seen. A number of newer bloggers that I never got a chance to meet – darned introvertism. Way too much action to catch it all. Didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with anyone – I’ve got a list of about fifty things I want to do sometime at one of these gatherings. Somewhere in there I had to sleep for three hours a night. It happens. And I don’t think I would trade a minute of tips

There were way too many highlights to list, so I’m not going to even try. Instead, I will leave you with these thoughts:

1. We ended up with 32 entries in the donkey race. It was nearly a runaway – both Falstaff and Drizz had four donkeys left with 25 players to go – but with the late eliminations on up to Drizz himself on the points bubble left nobody with more than two of the final nine. About ten people had a chance to win at that point. Things were not decided until the very end and KuroKitty was knocked out in third – if Otis took first place, Garth would have won outright (thanks to Otis and Miami Don), while if the Rooster won, Garth, Alan and I would tie and split the pot three ways. You know how it turned out – ship the almost freeroll! A special booby prize went to Al Can’t Hang – a $10 MGM slot voucher contributed as an entry fee by someone – someone I’ll be giving grief to for quite a while. Continue reading

How To Not Go Deep

Must. Not. Play. $10 rebuys.

Work kept me late last night, so I was still pretty wired when I got home. I decided to donate a buyin by playing the MATH. It was a $10+$1 rebuy this week, 1000 chips to start, 1000 for a rebuy and an optional 1500 add on.

Must. Not. Play. $10 rebuys.

Ugh. I went back and did a quick review of the hand histories. If I have my numbers right, I was dealt 105 hands in the first hour, including the following:

AA twice
JJ four times
33 twice
“show horse” hands (AT, KQ, KJs, AJo, AJs, KQs) eight times

How did I end the first hour?

Why, with 3400 chips of course. For you scoring at home, that’s a starting buy in, minus 100 chips for a last folded blind, plus a last minute rebuy, plus the add on.

I could have just skipped the first 58 minutes and saved myself thirty bucks.

Must. Not. Play. $10 rebuys.

I will concede that I played like a moron. That’s pretty much standard. It would have been nice to not get stacked for the third time with jacks when I flopped a set (vs KQo), but gutshots happen. I could have gotten away from my set of fives against a flopped A-rag flush. I didn’t. That’s life. But, dude…

That’s the single best run of cards that I’ve seen in forever. And it did me zero good. Zero. Continue reading

Last Days at the Track

Today is the last day of operation for the local thoroughbred track. There will be live racing this afternoon (weather permitting, I assume) and then they’ll close the doors after 20 years in business.

I’m not a horse racing buff (unlike some people) but I’ve always been impressed by what a decent facility it is. This isn’t the biggest market, so it’s not like it’s Canterbury Park or anything, but it’s a nice place.

More importantly to me, the track has been home to regular, well-run charity poker for the last couple years. I’ve been up there twenty to thirty times for live game play – it’s absurdly convenient to have legal live poker five nights a week less than 15 minutes from your front door. The games will go on, but the new location is a lot less convenient – it’s almost 30 minutes away and not right on the highway.

When I realized that this was the week the track shuts down, I made plans for a farewell session. I went up last night about 7:00. There was a pretty good crowd – compared to what I’ve seen on other days – of a few hundred people watching the live racing on a raw November Monday. They actually made some noise as one of the races came down to the wire.

The poker action was slow. The games only go on Monday and Tuesday during the first week of the month. One table of $1/$2 “NL” cash was going and a small tournament got underway shortly after I arrived. I had to wait about 15 minutes for a second cash table to get going.

The players, as usual, were comprised mostly of the same diehards that play every night of the week. I don’t play often enough to have all the names or playing styles memorized, but I recognize the faces. No drunk noobs or crazy asian LAGtards were present. Continue reading