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Monday, February 17, 2014

Endless Patience

Still waiting on that Full Tilt money.  It's been what, almost 3 years?  Yeah.


RIP The Fat Guy.  Scott was one heck of a nice guy.


That might do it for poker content in 2014 since I don't live in New Jersey or Nevada.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Full Tilt Claims Process Kicks Off Tomorrow

Supposedly the Full Tilt claims process kicks off tomorrow.  Emails are supposedly going to be sent out to all former U.S. Full Tilt players.  If I remember correctly, there is a 2 month window to get the appropriate claim filed.  Judging solely based on the quality of posting in the 2+2 forums regarding Full Tilt money, about 93% of claims will be FUBAR, which will drag the process out. 

So, if all the planets align, just maybe there will be some Full Tilt money before the new year.  Maybe.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

[x] Posted

Not giving up this space, even though poker remains dead to me.

I have the opportunity to play in a tournament today - charity poker - with some friends but can't do it.  Too much real life crap.  Mostly worth noting because it was the first time I've thought about playing in about three months.

Still no Full Tilt money.  Not surprising.  Not even depressing at this point.  If it is ever returned it will be a windfall - no longer do I have any expectation of getting a nickel.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year, Same As The Old Year

I wrapped up 2012 by playing another session of live charity poker.  Surprisingly there weren't many people and we ended up playing shorthanded.  I played miserably but had one big hand that got me back above even.  I decided to play my last hand with a suited ace UTG for $7 in about a six way pot, completely whiffed and ended up with a $6 loss for the night.  A small price to pay for good entertainment.  I saw more veterans of the old location where I played several years ago, still grinding.

2013 looks to be more of the same.  I see no reason to be optimistic about legalization of online poker - which is just dumb considering the federal government's insatiable thirst for revenue - particularly since I live in a state which has made no noise about allowing state-regulated games. 

I will probably play live a couple of times.  I plan to read a lot less of the 2+2 forums.  If I get really bored I might doodle a cartoon.  Poker in 2013 looks a lot like it will be a repeat of 2012.

Good luck to those who are still grinding.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

[x] Played Poker In 2012

I could look back through the archives - hey, for this year that wouldn't take more than about three minutes - but I'm pretty sure I played my only live poker of 2012 so far last night.
There are 3 charity poker rooms of which I am aware within 45 minutes.  There may be more than that - for one, there was a robbery of a local event held at a bowling alley recently and I don't know if they run events regularly - but I'm sure of 3 that are open pretty much all the time.
I stopped in at the closer one first.  One cash game going at 5:00 on a Saturday, no open seat but I could be first on the list.  I didn't care much for the look of the lineup - too serious - so I ran a couple errands and ended up not going back.
Instead, I stopped in to check out another room and I was glad that I did.  Two tables going and they drew about 30 players for a tournament.  More diverse than the other room (LOL WHITE PPL) and much more fun.  I even recognized a couple of players from the place I used to play several years back.
Play was awful as usual and highly entertaining.  One poor guy got stacked by a drunk who hit with K3o.  I dropped a buyin early when I raised T9s on the button, got multiple calls, flopped two of my suit (the A and the Q), turned the flush ... and got stacked by a guy playing J5s out of position.  Nice hand, sir.  REBUY.
Not many notable hands on the rebuy.  I was a little sad to have to let QQ go after a KQT flop, 9 turn, but it was a easy fold after it got potted and called on the turn before my turn to act.  J6o and J8o split the pot.  Got almost back to even after getting all-in action on a board of AAQ when I held AQo.  (Can you say YAHTZEE?).  Racked up and left after about four hours, down $9.
I had really forgotten just how much fun a good table of live poker can be.  I don't really have a bankroll or the skill to play live profitably so this probably won't become a regular occurrence, but for one night it was fun to pretend again that I don't suck at poker.