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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Five Poker-Related Happenings I Don't Care About:

1. Tiffany Michele signs with Ultimate Bet.
2. Ultimate Bet + Absolute Poker = CEREUS.
3. Johnny Bax signs with UB.
4. UB releases statement about superusers.
5. Kahnawake Gaming Commission* releases statement about investigation.

Nope, don't care in the slightest. I tune out immediately at any mention of UB or AP. I think you'd have to be on crack to have large sums of money on either site.

No celebrity signings or repackagings or bogus investigation reports are going to convince me that playing there is worth it.

Nice try, gg.

(* probably spelled wrong. Don't care.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Living Is Semi-Easy

What's the opposite of a grinder? Um, me, for one thing.

Summer just offers too many distractions. I haven't slung any play chips online in a while. I've been lucky to play a little live the past couple weekends, but that may not continue due to festivals and golf events and stuff. And there's always work. And more work.

I've been so busy that I haven't even gotten into any baseball contests over at Fantasy Sports Live (referral link is in the right sidebar, bonus code bonds LDO.). I used to be a serious baseball stat junkie, played in a bunch of rotisserie leagues. Now, I flip on the All Star Game, see that some guy named Saunders from the Angels is pitching and say "who the ---- is that?". So sad. I'm going to make it up once football season starts, though. While I'm at it, I've got a winning tip for you - never draft any Detroit Lions. Ever.

Until the next time I post, remember that when life gives you lemons, chuck 'em at passers by.

Monday, July 28, 2008

[O/T] Search Engines Stuff

Thanks to, I learned that a new search engine from some ex-G00gle types went live today. I checked out to see what they thought about poker blogs that carry advertising.

Results were inconclusive. I show up, kinda, but primarily under my old URL. Not impressed.

I then checked to see if I was getting any hits from the evil empire (G00gle). Not many, but a couple. I appear to still be in their database in a few places, but only under my new URL, and several pages down on the list of results at best.

Yahoo it is.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Few Huevos Short Of A Full Dozen

Another weekend, some more time spent slinging cards at the localish charity room.

Session one was a trip. One of the regulars was extremely hammered and was playing a strategy that could only be described as 'insane'. Perhaps calling it a strategy would be overstating things. He would just shove out a stack of chips when it was his turn. $35 into a $5 pot? Sure. He won a couple pots in a row and starting talking about his huevos. He was winning because he had huevos. Bet $50 into a $10 pot? Who else has huevos?

I resisted the temptation to make any of the million obvious jokes about huevos. Being extremely white, I probably could have gotten away with quite a few of them - huevos rancheros, anybody, which came first, the chicken or the huevos? - but one of my absolutely unbreakable rules of poker room conduct is that I never intentionally insult a drunk stranger. Doubly so when he's donating money at a furious clip.

And donating he was. I watched him dust off at least five stacks in very short order. I say 'watched' because I got none of it. I received dross like 82o and 32o every time I had position, and a couple of the other regulars made sure that it was expensive to play any time Senor Huevos came in for less than a giant raise.

A couple of guys tried to slow him down. They tried talking to him, but he insisted that he had plenty of money. I stayed out of it - while it's awkward watching a drunk guy donate, nothing I would say would mean anything. He was finally saved by either the ATM or by the charity selling out of chips, I'm not sure which.

It ended up being a discouraging session for me. I donked off a stack early in my usual fashion - I overplayed my one hand of the night, KK. A solid player I'd never seen before made a marginal but probably +EV call of my preflop raise and hit with 22. I reloaded and never saw another hand that improved at all. Dropped a little more than half a stack on blinds and whiffs and decided to call it quits.

Session two featured a different kind of entertainment. It was a much better table for my lousy game. Lots of limping. Few strong players until the end of the evening.

A couple of hours in and we were joined by one of the regulars, a tiny older asian guy whose style is to call anything preflop, call anything on the flop and turn, and usually call any river. Any bet size, any holdings. He did fold occasionally, but I never had any idea what his standards were for doing so - he donked off better than $60 one hand calling down with 44, unimproved, on a board with five overs, straight and flush possibilities.

Tiny older asian guy was involved in the hand of the night. I was in the small blind and called a straddle after some limpers with a pocket pair. The friendly asian guy to my left in the big blind popped it to $12. The straddler raised it to $29. Tiny calls. The big blind has the chips in his hands to call as well, so I go along for the ride. A very marginal decision - most likely wrong - but whatever. If I hit I'm getting paid big time. The big blind calls as expected and we see a flop of Qd Th 9d.

I very much missed, so I'm going to be getitng out of the way. I checked to buy the button and so that I could hollywood it a bit before dumping my air.

The big blind overbet the pot, quickly shoving for about $175.

The straddler started thinking out loud, that he had a open ended straight draw and that meant he had to call the bet. He did.

Tiny asian guy then overshoved for about $100 more. I did my thing and got out.

The straddler called. A crowd gathered to watch - a $800+ pot at 1/2 isn't super common, at least not in a room were most players buy in short.

The big blind showed AQo.

Straddler showed JJ.

Tiny asian guy showed Jd8d.

The turn was a black T.

The river was the Td.

Chaos ensued, as friends and backers of each players shouted out their man's made hand. "Full house! Full house! Beats flush! He was ahead, had a straight on the flop!" Beer was spilled all over the table in the bedlam. It took the floor a couple of minutes to restore order. The dealer wisely did nothing other than sit there and protect the board and the chips in play.

Tiny asian guy had made a straight flush and he dragged the entire pot. I was glad that only $29 of it was mine.

Tiny asian guy left the table with his winnings shortly thereafter. Things finally began to improve. I stacked two players with KK vs AJ and AJ. I hit a couple of sets. I slowly, slowly ground my way up, staying until very late.

I ended up the weekend down $12 plus gas, but I got an awful lot of entertainment out of it. Plus I won $18 at the golf course, so hey, things were actually profitable.

How'd you do?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lazy Lazy Lazy

Man am I ever behind. I can't even get a badly drawn doodle done in a timely fashion. Oh, well. This was supposed to be about the BBT3. Oops. Even though the BBT3 is long over, I can still throw it up and clear the space off my hard drive...

Yeah, I know. Take an art class.

Also, we kid. We kid because we <3 LDO.

The Tao Of Five

Stop on over to the Tao of Poker soon to congratulate Dr. Pauly on five years of super gonzo poker blogging. And check this out - How does the man celebrate a big anniversary? He dishes out presents!

You're reading that correctly. A $5 tournament. A chance to win a $5,000 seat at the Borgata Poker Open. Live and in living color. It doesn't get much better than that.

Like Change100 says:

This should be a fun one and you don't have to write a ghey essay in order to win!
See you there.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This is a sponsored review.

If you're just getting started in online poker, it's nice to have a "go to" site with all sorts of information about the game. If you read this blog regularly then you know about a couple such sites, and I recently was introduced to another - is a poker portal with lots of relevant content. You want details? I've got details for you. Start with detailed online poker room reviews. All the majors are covered, as well as some smaller rooms that just happen to have attractive signup bonuses. Rooms are identified as to whether they're U.S.-friendly or not. The reviews that I've read pull no punches - the review of Absolute Poker, for example, addresses the superuser controversy. Rooms are rated on a host of criteria, including the quality of games, limits available, the rake, and the financial strength and integrity of the room operator. also has a bunch of other content - news, reviews of deposit methods and a nifty graphic odds calculator, among other things.

One of the challenges in operating a poker portal is keeping current. Online sites change constantly - rules, ownership, rake, bonus offers, all that stuff. There are a couple spots where information appears to be out of date, but most things appear to be recently updated. That's a plus in my book. is worth a look if you're into the online game. Check 'em out. If you need me in the next hour or so, I'm going to be over there trying to figure out poker terms.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Live On The Weekends

Another weekend, another couple sessions in the books.

Session one was a classic case of poor table selection. Three tables were going at various times, and I didn't get up and move to one of the others. I had a guy on my left and two on my right that I've played with before and are very solid. Maybe two donating types and they were having good (lucky) nights. I was never up or down more than $50 despite going against my usual practice and buying in for a max stack.

I ended up going from a completely insignificant win to a pretty inconsequential loss during the last orbit. I picked up my one big hand of the evening, KcKh, in middle position. I raised and only got one call, from the big blind. I did not have much of a read on him - he'd been very quiet and had not shown down a single donkey hand. He's not one of the regulars I know.

The flop came Q87 with two spades. He checked, I lead, he called.

The turn was a non-spade J. He checked, I bet again - for $20, which was on the small side, less than half the pot. My opponent gave a zero-star sigh and look of disgust and then didn't wait long enough before saying "raise" in a firm, steady voice.

The dealer screwed up the raise. My opponent said "30", which the dealer took to mean 30 all day and caused him to point out that it had to be 40 - except the dealer said it had to be a raise of 40 more - to 60.

I didn't spend any time arguing. Instead, I tried to decide whether there were any cards in the deck that would help me. If my opponent had T9s, I'm dead. I'm way behind if he had QJ, 87, QQ, JJ, 88 or 77 - all hands that he could call a standard preflop raise with. He could have AQ, but that didn't seem likely. Drawing very thin I think.

I folded. I didn't stack off with an overpair. Despite dumping my profit for the evening plus a few bucks, I was OK with the decision. I would have liked to know what I was up against, but didn't get the satisfaction.

Oh, well. Feel free to tell me what I donkey I was.

Fortunately, session two was better. A LOT better. Much better table. Only one player who really had game, and he left pretty early. Lots of limping. Lots and lots and lots of limping. And players who would pay you off if you had the goods.

One nice hand - flopping the well disguised nut flush - the A and K came on the board, yeah, I had a sooted queen. On the button, for $2 in a family pot where I knew it wasn't going to be raised by the blinds. Nothing on the turn or river, and I got two smaller flushes to pay me off when I raised the river. Good times.

Some day, I will introduce you to my people. There's the old guy who looks disturbingly like T.J. Cloutier. There's a guy who looks eerily like Dr. Chako, except for the fact that he's asian. Filipino, I think, but I'm not sure. I'm serious, the resemblance is that strong. Then there's the guy who looks a lot like F-Train - if F-Train gained twenty fifteen ten pounds. There's a guy who looks a lot like the guy who was the lead singer from the movie The Replacements. And I could go on. It's weird. Because so many of these people play every day, it's like some kind of completely dysfunctional semi-famous family, maybe on E! or something.

Anyway, you can put another profitable weekend in the books. Too bad tomorrow is Monday and reality returns.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Gone To Live Maybe

I just can't escape internet tilt wherever I go.

It's Friday afternoon, and I have a real estate deal I'm trying to seal. The broker is gone. My client has left work for the day. I'm preparing to email both of them, since that's the best option I have. Wham. No internet. No reason.


On the positive side of things, I think I have resolved one of my home problems. I think I mentioned that I had no internet again last weekend - the thing is, this was a different kind of fail. I was able to connect to the network, but couldn't access any sites, whether by browser, directly, whatever. I couldn't even access my ISP's email server. Nothing.

Again, aargh.

I actually called customer support - this is a VERY unusual step - and they asked me the routine questions about firewall and anti-virus software. I have been using ZoneAlarm for years and haven't touched the settings in I don't know long. A long time.

I said what the heck, I'll turn off ZoneAlarm. Boom. Instant websurfing.

Digression: I think Waffles
should own this shirt.

That may have been the first time in recorded history that the turn off your firewall and anti-virus software "fix" has worked. Ever. I didn't even have to reboot.

I hate technology.

Anyway, now that I have that little problem fixed, maybe I'll try and figure out how to improve my wireless reception. It would be kind of nice to play online for play chips again* without going on extreme disconnection tilt.

* I did win a few play chips by playing Stud Hi/Lo the other night. Really. Play chips. What can I say, I was really, really, really bored.

On with life.

Unless plans change radically, I'm probably going to play live again tonight. I've enjoyed the last few sessions and since it's not exactly the hardest game in the world, I don't have to be razor sharp mentally. That's a good thing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stars I LOL @ U

Administrator: Congratulations to Player "Dennolition1", winner of 2X Milestone Hand #18877000000! Player "Dennolition1" receives an extra award of $1.05 for winning the hand

Oh noes, there goes the marketing budget!

Sweeping the Felts: Mostly Michigan Edition

Once again summing up and snarking up whatever I feel like writing about whenever I feel like doing it, which is usually when I'm cranky. Deal with it.

A Figurative Kick In The Junk, Still Better Than A Literal Kick In The Junk. Michigan player Dean Hamrick was the unfortunate final table bubble boy when he busted 10th in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Poor Dean. He won't cash in on those sweet sweet online poker room logo dollars or win a bracelet, but on the positive side he also won't spend the next four months being hounded by agents, large guys from Eastern Europe or a permabuzzed Johnny Chan. Oh, and he picked up a nice $600,000ish consolation prize. Dude, can I get a loan?

Charity BOOOOOOOOOM. The poker boom is over? Somebody forgot to tell Michigan people, as a newish concept is exploding all over the state. The name of the game is the charity poker room - a fixed location where legal poker games - technically called "Millionaire Parties" - are held to benefit a rotating cast of charities. Instead of trying to get people to the game, the game comes to the people. Brilliant. Efficient. Rakealicious. Did I mention that some of them have super-rigged blackjack?

Charity poker rooms have recently opened in Bay City and Jackson, joining existing sites in suburban Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Brighton, Holland and Muskegon, among others. Here's a 2+2 thread on the subject to chew on if you're so inclined. For more information or to find a game in your area (hint: if the same location has a bunch of licenses, it's probably a charity poker room, duh), use the Millionaire Party Locater at the Charitable Gaming Division's home page.

Casino Uh ... Boom? Hey, if you don't want to play charity poker, you can always play casino poker. Maybe (depending on regulatory hurdles). The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians --not to be confused with the Little River Band of "Reminiscing" fame:

is announcing plans today to purchase the closed Great Lakes Downs thoroughbred track and open its second casino. The original facility in Manistee has a decent little poker room, it just suffers from the problem of being convenient to exactly nowhere.

No potential opening date is known. If you can't wait that long, there is always Four Winds, Soaring Eagle, Greektown, Motor City, your neighbor's basement ...

I'm So In When They Have The World Series Of Websurfing. Some used car salesman auto enthusiast named A.J. Johnson won the World Series of Golf sponsored by Full Tilt Johnson is from Michigan and I've never heard of this event, which are the two reasons why it's being mentioned. First prize was good for $250,00, so they must have had a fair number of fish donkeys hackers entrants, and apparently highlights were recently shown on CBS. Huh.

To the best of my knowledge, nobody kneecapped Phil Hellmuth with a 7 iron.

There Is No Me in Charity Poker Even If There Is An I. I was tipped recently by Mike (blog deleted) that a new charity room would be opening in a local bowling alley. It's not open yet, but I have high hopes*, despite the presence of multiple competing rooms within a reasonable driving distance. Trip reports will undoubtedly follow.

* High hopes directly influenced by probable availability of cheap beer at adjacent bowling alley bar.

In unrelated news, while surfing the various charity room sites I found a picture of myself playing in a cash game. Woo I'm famous. More specifically, about the top quarter of my head is famous. Table 3 FTW.

Some Leftovers. This guy from Chicago turned $63 into $257,000 at the WSOP. Some lawmakers actually get it - California may at some point have approved, regulated instate online poker (mention of tuff_fish included for any fan club members). Tennessee people apparently don't have a charity poker room in every town which means busts and arrests for the crime of poker (LOL at the owner's history). I'm not even going to touch the story titled "poker sex ring taken down". Scared. Michael Ian Black once played poker against Star Jones and lived to tell about it. Also tells David Sedaris to "suck it".

The internets are a weird place.

The Soundtrack To This Post Provided By Helmet f/ House Of Pain

Suck it Google.

Just another victim of a Googlehosing. I'd already seen my page rank tank when I went to the custom domain, and like many others I vanished entirely in the big poker blog purge of Summer '08. Others have written about it, so I won't. Still sucks.

Thanks to the fine folks at Poker Source Online (throw some Ws and a dot com around that) for their support over the years. Link removed as requested.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cash Game Rules

{Ed. Note - I had it in my head a week or so ago to make a last minute push to attend Okie-Vegas. Unfortunately, one of those inevitable life events got in the way, so it didn't happen. I also had no internet service this weekend - again - so I couldn't follow the festivities, or those of Gentile Summit, or the WSOP, or the big weekend tourneys, or ... DAMMIT. Life fail.}

There are two immutable laws to winning money when you're a bad poker player.

Any bad poker players here? (*raises hand*)

I put both of the laws to the test during recent live sessions. Because I'm bored and have nothing better to write about, let me tell you all about it.

Rule: You can win despite sucktitude if you have a government-approved late model Luckbox (tm).

A Friday evening session took place at the charity room. I had been playing horrible poker and had donked off more than half my buyin. Dreadful flops for my hands had not helped, but really the responsibility was entirely with me and my lack of discipline. Check fold, check fold, check fold. I have more leaks than a levee made entirely of swiss cheese.

Sad. Short stacked.

And ... then I got back to within $2 of even in one hand. I committed myself with a weak holding and tilt-called an all-in for less on a 7 high flop ... with pocket fours. Somehow they held on a 72279 board, even though another player had called behind. Two big aces split the side pot while I tripled up.



It got worse.

I donked up and down, playing way too many hands. I picked up black pocket 8s on the button and called a raise. Four players saw a flop of Qs 9c 6c. The initial raiser shoved for what little he had left - $15 into a pot that was already at about $50. The other callers folded. I thought. "Let's see. I'm getting better than 4 to 1. I don't necessarily think I'm good here, but there is a non-zero chance of AK. Or complete air. I have to call."

Raiser shows AA. Oops. I think he even had the Ac.

The turn and river were the 7c and 5c.

Um, yes. I just made a runner-runner one card straight flush to crack your aces. So sorry. That was wrong.

So wrong. Sick even.

I finished up the session and made the stroll of embarassment - not to be confused with the walk of shame - out of the place with an entirely undeserved profit. It wasn't much, but it more than covered my one recent losing session.

Luck is good.

I can't believe that I actually had some. Yo Full Tilt random number generator, I'm coming for you next.

Moving on ...

Rule: You can win if you find players that are even worse than you.

The most recent session involved a limptastic table. Plenty of unraised family-style pots. People leading out postflop for the minimum. I can't remember the last time I saw a $2 postflop bet at a $1/$2 no limit table, but it happened. Repeatedly.

I'd like to say that I played well, but I didn't. I just played well enough to extract money for some of the donators. A husband and wife combo went through at least three full buyins between them - she mentioned that he'd dropped three or four earlier in the day. He was playing every hand. A drunk guy blew through four short buyins in no time flat. A couple of obvious newbs rotated through, staying only long enough to donate.

I didn't get nearly enough of the easy money, but I did get some of it. I also got a break when one of the better players couldn't lay down his hand after I four-flushed a river while holding the ace.

Hooray for donkeys!

Playing in this room usually involves playing the same opponents. Some are better than others, but really, if you play often enough you should learn at least something about how to play.* That frequently makes the games tougher than they otherwise would be. Not optimal.

I just got lucky and found the table with some non-regulars.

Who happened to be worse than me. Yay profit.

* I'm currently testing this theory, obviously.

State of the live game

I'm improving, slightly. My reads are getting better. I picked up a terrific tell on one of the semi-regulars, but I never got a chance to use it before he busted.

I still suck.

I continue to play way too many hands. This is my biggest leak, even at $2 a pop. The next time I go, I'm going to make extra sure to fold more, especially from early position.

I don't raise enough. I play small pot poker. With enough aggros this is a profitable strategy, I think, but it means that I often don't have much information about my opponents' hands.

I don't extract enough value on the river. Too often I check instead of leading with non-nut hands. I shouldn't fear the check-raise (even though several players in this game love it) as much as I do.

Lots of work to do to reach competency, but still ... as long as I am on the right side of the laws of live poker, it's profitable.

I'll reveal why I know I'll never be very good in a later post.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Short People Use Bonus Code: IGGY

Good luck today to the greatest poker playing midget I know.

Since I'm not in Vegas, I'm thinking about joining in on the Mookie fun tonight - hung over and tired sounds like the best way to get through tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Easy Come Easy Go

My ass was getting leathery. A couple hours in, I'd folded all kinds of dreck. I think I had played one pot and was up $7.

The table wasn't anything special. There were some of the usual nits, their stacks slowly being depleted by the blinds and the rake. One went on tilt and threw away his last few dollars on a junk hand. Seats started to turn and we got some new blood.

My timing was good. I picked up aces on the button and bumped it to $20. The regulars to my left grumbled and tossed in their cards, several surrendering two bucks in the process. No limping on this button.

The gambly Asian kid across the table was the only caller. We saw a QJ4 flop with two hearts. I held the ace of hearts.

He checked. I pushed out a half pot bet of $25. He instashoved.

I didn't beat him into the pot. I waited long enough to say something like 'if you've outflopped me, good for you' before dumping the rest of my chips in. I was already in for almost half my stack. I didn't know my opponent but I knew enough.

He showed 53. Offsuit.

The turn 6 gave him outs, but the river didn't deliver. Soul crushing beat averted.

Easy stack.

An orbit or two later I picked up AKo. Again on the button. Again I popped it, this time to $15. Again one caller. Different guy who had recently joined the table. I'd played with him before, but didn't remember anything about his game.

Flop of K43, again with two hearts. I had the ace of hearts.

Opponent lead for $15. I figured him for a weak king or a medium pocket pair and elected to just call (fail).

The turn was a black J. This time he lead $40, leaving only $26 behind. I spent the time to think it through, ending up stuck on KQ or other hands that I'm ahead of or even AK for the chop. I put him all in, he showed KJs and doubled up when the river bricked.

Easy donation.

I'm good enough not to stack off with top pair top kicker, but apparently I'm still willing to donate my profits with the same.

A few orbits later I received AA in the big blind. After most of the table limped, I shoved $50 out there. Nobody took the bait. It was fun, though, and like $15 of free money.

Which I didn't even blow on blinds. When they came around again, it was time to go.

Live and learn.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Third of July

How are you celebrating the Fourth? Myself, I decided to take the patriotic route and spent last evening relieving strangers of their folding money. If that's not American, I don't know what is.

Playing poker, of course. What did you think I was doing?

I had a yen for some live poker, so I tracked down a new charity poker room. This location isn't especially close, but it's better than driving to the casino. It's in a strip mall, the ambiance wasn't much, but it did the job.

Arriving just before 7, I decided to get my feet wet by playing the nightly tournament. Last night's version was a $35 turbo event that drew 38 runners. Four spots paid.

I managed to accomplish something I've never ever done before. No, I didn't win - I busted out first. On the very first hand of the event. Here's the hand and you can tell me just how badly I played it:

3,000 chips to start, 25/50 blinds, increasing every 12 minutes. I figured I needed to get a stack early if I was going to have a chance at cashing.

I get 7s6s in late position. A few limps, I limp, a very serious female playing in the big blind pops to 300. Two people call and I call as well. Pot of about 1350.

Flop is 765 with two diamonds. Serious female checks. UTG player bets 200. MP folds. I make it 700 to go. Serious female looks like she just bit into a lemon. She finally calls. UTG calls. Curious.

Turn is the Ah. A money card. Checked to me, I push out 1500 (leaving 500 behind, for some reason I thought I had 1000). Serious female scowls some more and folds. It sucks getting outflopped, doesn't it? UTG instacalls. Hmm.

River is an offsuit T. UTG shoves his remaining 500, I realize how little I have left and have no choice but to call.

UTG shows AdTd.



The only way I win the hand is if I shove the flop, and even that's far from certain - I don't know if the UTG player could get away from the nut flush draw.

Mistakes were made.


I wandered over to a 1/2 NL cash table and proceeded to run very very good. Despite the distraction of a cute chick with a gigantic rack (and a tight T-shirt) in my line of sight, I played adequately and didn't suffer any soul-crushing beats. I left shortly before the tournament got to the money with a bit more than 3.5 times my cash table buy in - probably the single most profitable session I've had in months. The hourly was even pretty decent.

I'll probably be back, but with the cost of gas, it won't be as often as I might like. That and the fact that I still, after years of playing, pretty much suck at poker.

Have a great holiday!

LOL of the Day

From littleacornman's blog:

"I see even the donkeys are protecting themselves from the evils of Pokerstars random number generator..."

If I felt like photoshopping* at the moment, i'd add a hat. Nice foil, though.

* this is apparently a real picture.

[O/T] Land of the Free Yeah Right

Stuff like this just makes me ill.

An influential Republican senator suggested Thursday that Congress might want to consider reimposing a national speed limit to save gasoline and possibly ease fuel prices.


Warner cited studies that showed the 55 mph speed limit saved 167,000 barrels of oil a day, or 2 percent of the country's highway fuel consumption, while avoiding up to 4,000 traffic deaths a year.
(emphasis added)

Great. I would be THRILLED to waste 20% more time on a wide-open middle America freeway designed to run at 70 mph so we can use 2% less highway gas. Back to the good old days which everyone I know without exception bitched about, and gee maybe prices will drop a couple pennies.

Don't these jackholes understand that TIME has a monetary value too? For me, even at $5 a gallon the time is still more valuable in most cases, especially on longer trips.

Do these jackholes know that you can already go 55 mph if you want to save gas? Highway minimums are 45 around here.

Look at the real causes and effects.

As much as people complain about the executive and judicial branches of our government, I sometimes wonder if the biggest idiots aren't serving in the legislative branches at all levels.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I Run Good No Wait What

Happy Monday Tuesday. A holiday weekend is sneaking up on us. Yes.

Not much happening. I did get in a little play last night as I was winding down from a long day at the office. Things were looking grim early on for our hero, as missed flop after missed flop slowly ground down my stack.

And the the sun broke through. A big stacked - I've been playing the "deep" tables (for play chips as far as you know) - dude wildly overplayed KK postflop after I'd immediately hit a set of sevens for cheap. Somehow I dodged the 2 remaining kings plus runner-runner flush draw outs and suddenly I was up. Courtesy double.

That never happens.

But I like it.

Prosperity later took a hit when a typical FTP donktard called a preflop raise, called my flop bet on a king high board, called my turn bet and hit his two outer on the river to crack aces with 77. Nothing you can do about that, but at least it didn't involve stackage. I guess he put me on AQ, but had just enough fear of KK to not shove his whole stack in there.

Gotta love those people.

I even enjoyed a little PLO fun and divided a guy's stack when his top set didn't improve against two flopped broadways. It would appear that on very rare occasions, flopped straights DO win. Go figure.

So all in all nothing much but what there was was good. I recovered a portion of the stack lost the other day to the dreaded KK vs AA all in preflop cooler. I might even play again.


Until next time, remember that a five bet all in means aces!