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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Want To Believe

I've wasted way too much time lately reading the 2+2 message boards.  The ongoing freakout in the Internet Poker section is particularly gripping.

CK (blog no mas) waded in this week to try and educate the idiots as to what is really happening.  I'm not sure it's working but that's no fault of hers.  The average poster does not appear to be capable of saying anything more sophisticated than "Me Want My Money Now Ugh".

I'm really puzzled as to why people cannot seem to grasp a simple concept:  Just because Stars shut down at the same time and has already paid out does NOT mean that Full Tilt is in the exact same situation.

Stars may have had a better disaster plan.
The sites may have been subject to different oversight and rules in their home jurisdiction
FTP may not have segregated player funds
The sites may have had different accounting that made it more/less difficult to track player funds in third party accounts
The legal issues may not be exactly the same in dealing with the DOJ (duh)
Etc, etc, etc.  

Why is this so hard to understand?

Of course the delay in paying out to U.S. customers is bringing out the tinfoil hat crowd.  Add them to the growing number of FUgimmemymoney haters and the boards are melting down.  Full Tilt PR isn't helping any by being evasive but still, it's ridiculous.

I would like to receive my funds and at this point I still think I will.  It may take a couple months - remember Neteller?  That took a while - but I think that FTP will make good.  They have to if they are going to continue as a viable business elsewhere.

I still believe and am waiting patiently for what will probably end up being a new dishwasher or something.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

LOL'd, Probably Due to Rust

Playing a lil' PLO on the dog.

The whole world is limping, so I join the party from the button with JJ77 single suited.

Flop is J73 rainbow.  Two shoppers.

Turn is the case 3.  Still two in.

River is the case J.

Too bad for the poor guy holding 33xx.  Oh, and LOL at the guy who thought AAxx might be good on that board.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Paid In Part

My Stars withdrawal came through without a hitch, credited to my bank account in two days, cleared in three.  If only it were always so easy.  

Still waiting on Full Tilt to announce what they're going to do.  Fairly or not FTP is being pilloried on a regular basis on the message boards.  I have no idea what's different about their dealings with the DOJ but I have to assume that there is a difference - while FTP could be more forthcoming I still don't think that they're crooked.  There has to be a reason for the delay.

On a completely unrelated subject, I think that being FTP's customer support czar would be a fascinating job.  I admit to being very curious as to whether (and if so how much) support could be improved without breaking the bank.  

Also, I would be very curious to see what some U.S. resident (former) FTP players would take for their balances if I paid them in cash today.  I get the impression that there are people out there who are so pessimistic that they might take ten cents on the dollar.  I would definitely be on the offer side, since I (obviously) think that deposits will be repaid in full.  If there were a way to facilitate this it would make for a fascinating gambling market.