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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Don't Blog Angry

My draw didn't come in *again* so
let's go ram a building or something

Hey look it's a useless 'holiday' that happens to have a pretty good movie associated with it. I'm okay with admitting it - I like the movie Groundhog Day and will watch it if it happens to be on (that is when I have the TV on, which hasn't happened yet in 2010). It's definitely on the list.

I feel like I can relate - pokering has kind of been in Groundhog Day mode. Again on Sunday I went down early, dusting off two and a half buyins in the blink of an eye but then fighting my way back. I ended up down just over one buyin and I was so very close to being even --

I donkraised 9s8s and got one caller from the button. J72 flop with two spades. I lead and get called. My flush gets there on the turn. Again, bet and call. Another spade on the river and I get minraised. Nuts. The most passively played AA ever just has to have the ace of spades. I wonder if I'd overbet the pot or shoved on the turn (I believe I potted it) if he'd been able to let it go. I'm thinking not.

Anyhow, it was the same old story, donk and recover.

This is not a recording.

I didn't dig myself much of a hole yesterday and just had an unremarkable session. I had fewer playable hands than usual which is a mixed blessing. Ended up less than a buyin to the good.

Nothing else of note going on. There was apparently another FTP software update overnight and ante tables have been added to Rush Poker. I don't know that they'll be real popular but since I love the new gadgets I'll be checking them out.

Hopefully Stars will release the SCOOP (I keep wanting to refer to it as the SCOOOOOOOOOOOOP!) schedule soon. I rarely play tournaments because of my wonky life schedule and I want to be sure to block out enough time. I'm totally undecided as to what variety of tournament to play - probably because I suck at all forms of poker. Most likely though I'll end up with NLHE going for the dream of the biggest score possible. Or for that matter a meaningful cash of any size - it would be pretty nice to actually have a workable roll on Stars again.

Speaking of Stars, thanks for the many hits yesterday guys.