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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I remember now why I used to like poker.

Winning "monies" LDO.

I logged on to Full Tilt tonight to check out the update and hoping to test out the new ante NLHE and PLO tables. Uh, no. The lowest PLO game with antes at this point is $25/$50. Wow. Call me when it reaches play chip levels.

Since I was logged on anyway I played a few orbits of ante-less PLO. And I accidentally won just about two full buyins in the process.

EZ game.

Lawsuit Coming - Minnesota Cracks Down On Internet Gambling

According to the Minneapolis Bankrupt-Tribune:
A division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety that enforces gambling and alcohol laws said today that it has instructed 11 national and regional telephone and Internet service providers (ISPs) to block access by all Minnesota-based computers to nearly 200 online gambling websites.
Good luck with that.

Also, Kentucky says "hello, remember us?":
Minnesota officials say they believe theirs is the first attempt by a state to restrict access to online gambling sites.
I did a quick review of the DPS/AGED website and didn't find any details on the sites to be blocked, so I have no idea if Stars/Full Tilt/Bodog etc are among them. Details to come, I guess.

On a completely unrelated note, it appears that prop betting is legal in Minnesota, so there's always that.

EDIT: The Park Rapids Enterprise also has an article on this:
“We are putting site operators and Minnesota online gamblers on notice and in advance,” says John Willems, director of AGED. “Disruption of these sites’ cash flow will negatively impact their business models. State residents with online escrow accounts should be aware that access to their accounts may be jeopardized and their funds in peril.”


Response from the notified ISPs is expected within two to three weeks, at which time issues of non-compliance will be referred to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Acknowledging the effort as an initial sample, Willems anticipates the program expanding to address thousands of sites, depending on compliance. He notes that the required technology to restrict geographic access to particular sites is a relatively straightforward procedure on the part of service providers.

The squeeze is on.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reload Time

In case you missed it, Stars is currently offering a reload bonus as people get geared up for the WSOP. I think it's 20% to $120 but don't quote me on it - since I don't play for real money I shant be partaking.

Also: Kudos to Iggy, who finally discovered the incomparable "It's So Cold in the D".

There Must Be A Million Ways To Say "Razz Sucks"

Finally, some poker. I made it home early last night thanks to lousy weather and subjected myself to the torture that is Razz - the Skillz Series event of the week.

A small digression - There are still several weeks left in the BBT4. If you're just now stumbling across this blog, the BBT4 is a series of tournaments running Sundays-Wednesdays. Full Tilt has thrown in a bunch of money in the form of WSOP seats and other goodies. See Al Can't Hang for details. Win a tournament, get into the tournament of champions. Win the TOC (or finish 2nd I think) and go to the main event!

Anyway, back to razz. F razz. Sure aggression counts, but since most bloggers are now aggrotards, the biggest factor in razz is an ability to catch cards. Yeah, like I'm going to do that. I went out in hour two shortly after a crippling hand. I got my opponent all in on 5th knowing I was ahead (and a 3-1 favorite) with a made hand. I brick out with a pair of kings, he gets what he needs. So rigged. Hate hate hate hate.

Maybe it was a mercy killing. I'd probably still be on hyper monkey tilt this morning if I'd played any longer. Razz has a way of making me crazy. Razz sucks.

Tonight is the Mookie, as usual at 10pm eastern. Stay up past your bedtime and play it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Return Pending

The last couple weeks have zipped right on by. Amazing what a vacation and some deadlines will do for you.

The most recent poker "played" was Kat's special anniversary dollar donkament. I have "played" in quotes because I sat in for about six hands total while stuff was printing. Was busy working otherwise. Once we got past the rebuy period I promptly shoved something and lost. Not terribly disappointing - sad that I couldn't really participate, though.

Otherwise, I had a blowup session of PLO before that. Standard - can't hit a thing, tilt, dump 20% of "bankroll". It's happened before and will happen again.

Instead of playing the Mookie on Wednesday (I would have been super-fried anyway), I wasted the evening getting in touch with 2006. Yeah, I finally let myself be badgered into signing up for Facebook. Ugh. There goes more time into the endless black hole that is the internets.

Real poker content pending, unless the weather is nice.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Counting Down

In a few short hours, life returns to normal. I might even post. Let's go 5:00.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Burning Ring of FAIL & Burn Your Dollars

It didn't take long to remember that today is April 1.

I awoke this morning to the sound of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire". Except it wasn't Ring of Fire, it was "Fuego del Amor", with Johnny singing in oddly-accented mexican. Some radio genius decided to replace the regular music with foreign language versions. Super.

That's all well and good, but come on. I've been to the mountaintop (of cheese). I've seen this. Then again, I can now say that I've heard Chubby Checker in German and boy was that a couple of minutes of my life I'd like to have back.

Anyway, as I get older and more curmudgeonly, I appreciate days like today less and less. I think that makes me officially that guy. Get off my damn lawn.


I'm still in favor of retarted good fun, though, and Friday brings you a special opportunity: It's the two year anniversary special whoop-de-doo edition of the Friday Night Dollah Donkament, presented by Katitude.

I will try to at least be there to donate a symbolic dollar, even though I really shouldn't play it out. There is this whole having to get up at the very crack of dawn on Saturday thing which dictates otherwise. That said and knowing me, I may well play anyway.


Last and decidedly least, I thought of one of our blogger compadres when I came across this 'shop made in honor of Rich Brooks commemorative edition Maker's Mark:

Rock on, brothers and sisters. Idiot out.