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Monday, July 25, 2011

The More Things Change

Another World Series of Poker has come and gone (except for the November Nine of course).  Bracelets were won, hearts were broken, donkey blood was spilled* and billions of people around the globe paid no attention at all.

It might have been apropos for the WSOP people to borrow the catchphrase of golf's PGA tournament for this year's event.  "Glory's Last Shot" might just be the best possible description of the 2011 series.  More than 6,000 would be heros took their shot, and without widely available internet poker feeding the beast you would expect that number to decline in future years.

It was great to see (almost) live streaming added to the menu.  Caesar's Entertainment or whatever they are called now does appear to be working to keep the series accessible, relevant and the biggest deal in poker.  The question is whether they can succeed.


I think I have enough for a handful of happy meals on one of the sites but I just haven't felt like playing, so I haven't.   I did get approached for a new ad, but that appears to have fizzled due to a strange circumstance (or cold feet).  Poker is on the back burner personally.


I believe the Full Tilt Poker hearing with the Alderney gaming people is tomorrow.  Accordingly, there is a good chance that some news breaks this week.  I continue to want to believe, but hope continues to diminish.  There is quite a bit of value in the FTP software, euro player base and the Rush Poker patent but the longer the site remains offline the less it's worth.