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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Software Guru

I've been hard at work writing a companion app to be used with the Full Tilt Poker client - one which I'm sure will be a blockbuster smash hit.

Tentatively titled "CheekCheck v 1.0", my app will allow you to determine ahead of time if your session is going to be the usual rollercoaster ride of bad beats and suckouts or if it's going to be one of the kind where you half expect Mickey Rooney to come out from behind a curtain and say "stand up, drop trou and spread 'em wiiiiiiiiide open".

I needed it to be finished before last night. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

Instead I got to spend an evening in hypermonkeytiltoramaland. Worst day in a long f---ing time. I knew things were going to be good when I got stacked the first hand in a blind-vs-blind battle, my flopped uber-wrap draw going down in flames to some cheese-eating surrender monkey who decided that an unimproved JJxx was worth pushing to the limit. Goddamned French omatards. Runner-runner jack high flush beat down my crappier flush.

I won't say I played well, but give me a f---ing break. Stacked multiple times. I certainly overplayed the last hand, but was it really necessary to give me A8xx double suited in position, throw out a flop of A82 and have a passive opponent hold AA22?

Steaming hot - and still playing PLO, you can find a picture of me if you google "wikipedia +masochism" - I signed up for the damn Mookie. Made it into the third hour by folding a lot. A timely AA - my only big pair - garnered me most of TwoBlackAces' stack. I think I got AK once too. There was this time where I flopped quads with pure gold 55 against Absinthe, but that was pretty much the highlight. I went out with a whimper, coming from ahead to lose to a turned straight and a runner-runner straight. So f---king standard. 14th place. Made the points, which when added to the dollar in my pocket will pay you for listening to the bad beat story.

So in conclusion I extend a full two middle finger salute to the Full Tilt random number generator. Once I dechiper some additional code and finish my app, your assreaming days are over you little bitch.