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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Moving Down To Play Up

After I managed to (in my imagination) flame out spectacularly** in the Wheatie last night, I was trying to find something worth doing while the World Series was going on in the background. I found myself uninterested in the selection of (Attention U.S. Government: PLAY CHIP) PLO games on FT, so I signed up for what would be, if I played for money, a dollar 45-player SnG.

** translation: I played like absolute %^&*!.

Oddly enough, the level of play was much better than in the $24+2 tournaments I used to frequent back in the PreFrist era. There was almost no pure donking (except by me, of course). It was like a visit to the Twilight Zone.

It took a long time before anyone busted and there were still 2+ tables at the first break. I had tripled up late by overbetting my 44 on a K42 two spade board. I got called by KTo and a guy who claimed he misclicked -- he didn't have the flush draw and whatever he had was worse than KTo, so I believe it. Or maybe they both misclicked, I forget. Got bored deep in the second hour and started pushing preflop on any halfway decent hand. Amazingly enough, I was never called by junk, although I wouldn't have made the call with KQo that knocked out my A6s.

If I played for money, I would have had a cash. Fifth place for $2.70. What a relief that I don't have to worry about such things.


Speaking of which...

Since I stopped engaging in internet gambling, I have earned eleven patents, diagnosed and developed a cure for a previously unknown disease, saved six acres of the rainforest, encouraged the adoption of a stray cat, reorganized my sock drawer, deleted 6,724 spam emails for Viagra, read the collected works of Shakespeare twice and helped save the earth by preventing the burning of several piles of leaves.

Thanks again Congress for saving me from myself!

Now that you've done that, it looks like I'll be spending the evening abusing teh Internet for purposes of booking a trip to Las Vegas. That's right ... a long weekend at the Imperial Palace if it comes together. Yay for government-approved gambling!


Joanne1111 said...

"reorganized my sock drawer"

Now THAT is an accomplishment.

gg tonight

Drizztdj said...

Time to start searching for Omaha games in Vegas...

... let me know if you find one to check out.