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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Poll Time

A quick question for you:

You're running a small (monopoly money) home game. 7 players, tourney/SnG style, M$20 money buy in for a M$140 prize pool.

What would be your preference for payouts -- how many places and how much for each -- and why?

I'll be back later with my thoughts on the subject.


TripJax said...

We often get only 6 or 7 players in our home game. We usually give 2nd place double their buyin and the rest goes to first. So in your case, $100 to 1st and $40 to second. If we have 9 people we probably do 100, 50, 30 or something like that...

BG said...

Is this our home game? If so, I'm not going to be surprised if the answer is "winner gets double their buy-in, everyone but seventh place gets their money back."

Wes said...

1st - 75%
2nd - 25%.

This would be my preferred payout structure for a 5-8 player tourney.

Shelly said...

In general, we pay one place for every 5 players. In the case of 6-9 people, 2nd place gets double the buy-in back and 1st gets the rest

C.L. Russo said...

Senator Frist here. Just wanted to let you know Jebus just told me that Monopoly is the work of Clinton and can no longer be allowed.

Why, I heard just the other day a teenager landed on Park Place (with a hotel) and ended up yelling "criminy" at the top of his lungs. I've been e-mailed a video of the boy and I've been able to determine that, medically, he's only got months to live as a result.

Since you and your unChristian cohorts are going to burn in the hellfire of eternal damnation anyway, you might as well save your buy-ins for some wholesome lotto tickets or that freaky porn site the FBI tells me you posted about earlier.

BadBlood said...

I would pay 2 spots, $90 and $50 in this instance.

Chilly said...

Sometimes we like to give third a buyin back, second double and the rest to first. But we play a friendly type of game.

Drizztdj said...

We had an 8 played game last night.

2 spots paid out.