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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying And Other Stuff

When you were a kid, were you ever tagged with an “indian name”?

I know such things are juvenile, politically incorrect to the max and I sincerely apologize to anyone who may be offended by the mere mention of such things, but…

If I were to be given an “indian name” today, it would undoubtedly be “He Who Cannot Dodge Two Outers”.

Stupid wheatie.


Speaking of all things politically incorrect (or is this fair game? I don’t really pay much attention), I really enjoyed this one:

A Wayne, Mich., marine operator is investigating a third Lake Michigan cross-lake ferry service from Frankfort to Algoma, Wis., according to published reports.

The Journal-Sentinel confirmed that McCaughrin has been in contact with public officials in both Frankfort and Algoma. As much as they would welcome a cross-lake ferry operator in their ports, officials from both communities expressed skepticism that McCaughrin could realistically launch a third cross-lake operations, the newspapers reported.

The Journal-Sentinel quoted McCaughrin as saying that he was pursuing ferry plans because "God woke me up in the middle of my sleep and told me to call the people in Algoma. ... This is something that God wants, and I'm just doing the paperwork."


I now know what I’ve been doing wrong. I need to sleep more.


Not much else to say. Play the Mookie tonight if you can.


Huge Junk said...

My name would be...

Loses With Bets

And I would be a Comanche Indian because they have the coolest name. I would personally try to prove the stereotype true about drinking problems as well.

mookie99 said...

Thanks for making it out to The Mookie last night.