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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Money or Bust

I was lucky. Received my cashouts from Interpoker and Poker Plex, so I'm not stuck waiting weeks for a paper check.

I was unlucky. Decided to dump some money into Stars last night to try and clear the stacked bonus money I have left and got FRISTED. At everything. PLO, Hold'em, HORSE, you name it. Also finished three from the money in the Wheatie. I suck.

I may or may not be lucky. It looks like iPoker (Titan, Noble, etc) is likely to ban U.S. players as well. I have about $50 left on Titan and plan to gambool it up playing tournaments tonight. Just a little change of pace.

We'll see how it goes.

First up, $2500 guarantee ($15+1): Ooh, not good. No aces or faces in the first orbit. The big blind gets around to me, I get KK. MP raises, I push over the top, he calls with AQs. Turn a set, he rivers a flush. A few hands later I get air with AJs and it's gg me. Win/loss: ($16).

Next up, $1250 guaranteed Pot Limit ($3+$0.30) with rebuys: Ought to be an uberdonkeyfest.

Also a useless Titan Points satellite to a $500k freeroll I'd probably be banned from anyway. I plan to maxdonk.


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