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Sunday, March 07, 2010


I had too much time to think this morning while waiting for laundry.

I've paged through the Full Tilt Store a couple times recently. I really have no idea how they select the items on offer. Some of them - iPods for one example - are presumably there because they're a well known gadget that lots of people lust after. Other items such as all the FTP logo'd apparel and accessories are obvious promo items. Some of the other items you almost figure they got a big discount on a skid of something.

It didn't really hit me until today, but one super logical item is not found in the FTP store: A netbook. Huh.

You would think that would be a slam dunk. It could be priced reasonably, between 60-80k points, which would make it attainable for a lot of folks. Shipping would be reasonable. You would think it would also encourage more play - especially with Rush Poker* making it easier to rack up the hands on a small screen. For myself, it would be a nice item to have and I would snap-order if something decent - like an HP, Toshiba, Dell, ASUS/Gateway, Sony or whatever - were available.

Like I said, too much time on my hands.

* I'm assuming they fixed the screen resolution requirement issue with the lobby, but I'm not sure.

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DuggleBogey said...

* They did.