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Saturday, March 13, 2010

If You Got Here By Searching For Poker, Try Again

I think it's about time to turn this into a golf blog.

Seriously. Any confidence that I had that I knew the first thing about poker has been completely demolished.

I shook off another beating yesterday, handling it well. I wasn't even fazed by the ESP of the guy who called me down on a board of A23Q with two clubs. Of course he knew that a red 4 was going to come on the river to make his pocket 5s gold against my AQ. No worries.

Things weren't so positive today as I received another string of full-wind-up kicks in the junk. TILT. I especially enjoyed losing with Jc Tc on a 7h 8c 9c Qd board. Got flop action so I grossly overbet the pot on the turn. Can I just pick it up there? Fuck no. Standard low club on the river makes the naked ace high flush draw good. Way to call all in with that sir.

This just isn't any fun.

Other than the occasional pleasure of crushing shortstacker dreams or of outplaying some douche canoe who thinks 4-betting with Q8o in a battle of the blinds is a good idea, there has been precious little enjoyment involved lately.

I'm very very close to withdrawing what I have and just not playing on Tilt again until fall - although I would think about doing something with my accumulated iron medals. Maybe play a couple token tournaments or something.

Count me as really, really, really glad that spring is just about here so that I have something else to do. I'm as tired of the bad beat stories as you are.

Speaking of bad beats, it's almost time to take one from the government. Stupid ass daylight savings time.


BWoP said...

Ummmmm, I might be douche canoe's cousin. Last night at the Wynn I limped in LP with Q-8 (long story as to why). Dude in the BB popped it to $30. I jacked it to $75. Guess who got felted . . .

Answer: It was the guy in the BB who had A-J.

KenP said...

Well, maybe you can't even spell poquer. Take a page from the source and lie in a fetal position after such losses.

Yes, some days we are gods (small g) and other days where people search looking for the smell. Poker isn't ever fair regardless of what splatter charts indicate. We think nothing of standing up 100 BB/hr ahead and think we are the reason. We're wrong and the odds are at least 25:1 we are. Then it goes the other way and the standard bad beat story hits.