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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Polls

The big news making the rounds in the local media is a national poll that ranked my home metro area in the top 3 among medium and large cities for being "happiest and healthiest".


You don't usually think of happy and healthy when you think of a state with 15% unemployment - highest in the country - and an ample supply of corn-fed fatasses who have been stuck inside all winter, but there you go.

I'm doing my part, at least on the happy side of things. I'm pretty freaking happy to be a break even poker player.

Same old story last night. The very first hand I received was KK and I spewed a few chips before an ace appeared on the board to put me out of my misery. Down, down. I recover when some tard decides to shove kings into my aces. I spew those gains away and end up dead even once again.

Damn I'm consistent. Consistently bad.

But happy. Really.


Julius_Goat said...

Hey, isn't that MY metro area, too? Rhymes with Flanned Trapids?

If so, go us.

on_thg said...

Nope, it's the town named after the country with dope in the coffee shops and the haven where the river empties into the lake. For whatever reason we're not considered part of furnitureville (you're #63)

Which is odd since you know we are for almost everything else.

Julius_Goat said...

What a difference a few miles of highway makes.

I think we got [ahem] rivered.