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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hey Poker: F*** YOU

I have never hated poker more than I do right at this very instant.

There have been moments before. The three or four massive losing days I've had in the last few months are up there. But NOTHING compares to right now.

I just had my usual shit session, running into aces multiple times and having my opponents hit miracle river after miracle river. Standard. It could have ended at 9:30 as planned, with the last hand being AQ going down to KK on a 9JQAT board. That sucked, but so be it.

No. I'll play one table of the big game for a while.

I finally hit something favorable. I have Kh Jh on a board of Ah Qh 6c Ts and the preflop raiser has just lead out for the pot. I adjust the slider for a raise, click the raise button and nothing FUCKING happens. I click it again a few dozen times. Nothing.

You get like 8 seconds in Rush Poker to act.

Full Tilt freezes for the first time all night.

It unfreezes in like 15 seconds, in time for me to watch the animation of my cards being folded as I hold the current nuts.


In my rage I just missed taking out my computer by about three inches. I think I would have done both of us (the computer and myself, but probably all my readers as well) a favor if I hadn't missed.


Seriously, it isn't humanly POSSIBLE to run this bad.

If anybody cared - relax, I know you don't, nobody does - I would got through my hand histories for the evening and list out the absolutely flat RETARDED shit that happened.

I try and learn from times when I play bad and there are plenty of those.

But when I can't do anything but lose, lose and lose again regardless of how well I play - sure, go ahead and shove your naked flush draw or your overpair or your overcards or your underpair or whatever the fuck you have, you'll GET THERE - it's mindboggling.

Whatever you do, don't join me here. Hell sucks.


SirFWALGMan said...

perhaps you should not have insulted me earlier :P. Erm, If I say "I know how you feel" will it make you feel better?

smokkee said...

i've been getting worked pretty hard since early last month. i'm becoming numb to it.