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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Fairy Tale

Stick liked to play online poker. A lot of online poker. Most evenings he could be found in front of his trusty laptop, grinding away at the cash tables.

One day his wife Jane said enough. "Stick," she said, "you need to stop. I'm tired of you wasting your time gambling." She waved her trusty rolling pin for emphasis. She badly needed a haircut. Clearly the situation was serious.

Stick sat out on all his tables and launched into a lengthy, well-rehearsed soliloquy on the history of poker and how it is not anything like traditional games of chance like roulette or craps. It was a good thing that he had a whiteboard handy to illustrate his points.

After several minutes he concluded with "which is why playing poker is clearly a game of skill."

Jane was either deeply impressed or catatonic. Stick wasn't sure. She began to make noises that sounded like criticism of his conclusion for bad grammar and stuff. Stick knew he had to pull out the big guns.

"Oh, by the way," Stick said, "that box over there has some Pokerstars chocolates for you, and I concierged tickets to the Broadway production of Peter Pan. Consider them a gift from poker, the game of skill."

There was some kissing and stuff but the ending has been censored by the internet taste police.

BTW, if you read too much into this and think it reaches the level of gender stereotyping, feel free to swap the names of the characters, make them both "Chris" or whatever. It's a badly drawn comic not social commentary.

1 comment:

TripJax said...

You had me at Stick.