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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'll Use All My Run Good On The Sunday Million Thanks

I forgot to dump this thought into my previous post, so I'm going nuts and blogging twice.

So as a regular player of Rush Poker I'm familiar with guys having pretty decent stacks. It's not at all unusual in the fifty game to have people with 150 or 200. I've gotten up there a couple times but that's about it. I've seen a handful of guys in the 300-500 range, but over 300 is pretty rare.

One of the guys in the pool yesterday had a stack of nearly 850. That's 17 buyins. Seventeen ****ing buyins.

My question: How?

For serious. How is it possible to run that good? During those brief windows of time when godmode is enabled for me, I might win four or five buyins. Getting that much involves running white hot. Super super hot. No beats of any variety.

LOL right.

Even when running good I inevitably get it in ahead and lose. Whether it's AA vs TT when some aggrodonk shoves preflop, or with a set versus an overpair on the flop or turn, or a set versus a draw with one card to come or whatever - eventually the bad guy gets lucky. Even if it's a one outer, there comes a time when they will hit.

Can you really avoid that long enough to rack up seventeen buyins?

Even if you always get to play for stacks against opponents who have you covered - obviously that's NOT the normal case when the buyin is capped at 50 - that's still 4 consecutive double ups plus a stacking of a fresh 50. Five wins in a row.

I know it's possible. But it sure doesn't seem like it. Especially since given stack limitations it's probably more like 15 wins without a significant loss. And this is at Rush Poker, where (theoretically) you don't have the luxury of reads.

Color me puzzled. And envious. Mostly envious.

1 comment:

SirFWALGMan said...

I think the overaggressive people who get in bad a lot are most likely to get to 850.. win a few all in's.. play super aggro... stack another 300 stack.. lol.. that must be nice though. :).