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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scheduled All To Hell

No poker being played so this will be a content-free update.

The BBT5 continues with the Mookie (or whatever it's called now) this evening TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY. 10:00 PM ET, pw vegas1, it'll be the $10+1 private tourney with over 100 entrants. I'm about 95% certain that I won't be there - really need extra sleep to deal with things right now - which means that I still won't have played an event in this series. I don't know if I'll make a Mookie or a Monday night Poker From the Rail event before it's over but there are a few weeks left so who knows.

Probably the next meaningful poker I'll play will be the SCOOP series over on PokerStars. Thanks to Stars I have a ticket to use on a low buyin event and I may try one or two others. More than anything else it depends on timing - I really think one of the reasons I moved away from playing tournaments several years ago is that I just find it impossible to block off any meaningful amount of time to focus. There's always something else that I should be doing. Or in the case of golf season that I'd rather be doing.

Speaking of which it was an odd weekend. The forecast was dismal - 70% chance of rain Friday night, 70% chance on Saturday, 80-100% on Sunday. Instead it rained overnight Saturday night for a while and there were a few drops on Sunday. Nice going weather people but thank you. Bonus thanks to the wonky low pressure system that had the lines of precipitation moving all over the place just not here.


Rakewell said...

Mookie tonight? It has always been on Wednesdays before, and everything I find confirms that that continues to be the case for this week. Why do you think it is tonight?

on_thg said...

b/c I forgot what day it was today.

Tough day at the office.

My bad.