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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Mastadonk Weekend Update

I had a good time playing Kat's Mammoth Weekend donkament last night. I folded my way to a third place finish and some cash. Congratulations to Pokerwolf and OhCaptain on chopping it up. And a cordial FFFFUUUUU to Wolf for taking me out - I openshoved ATo on the button, he re-raised to get heads up with the hammer and made a fricking HAMMERBOAT (2 on flop, 7 on turn, 7 on river).


That's how I run.

At least I didn't rebuy much at all, so I think I made a decent profit (for a dolla donkament). Nice to see a lot of familiar faces.
Chat didn't happen much as I was busy grinding through rush hands.


Speaking of Rush, yesterday's session has me thoroughly confused.

I know I dumped a buyin in the fifty game with what has been so VERY standard lately - I get QQ, the flop is AQ4, 4 on the turn (which is checked through) and I forget what the river was. I think it filled a flush draw. I bet out, have to call a shove and of course - OF FUCKING COURSE - I run into AA. I don't think he re-raised me preflop and the turn check was beautiful cover (I was looking to jam there anyway tbh).

That's the sort of thing that has been happening a lot. It's never AK or the flush, it's always the stone cold nuts or at least one hand closer to the nuts than what I have. And it's frustrating as hell.

At least I handled it much better last night than I have been.

When skimming through the hand histories to try and post the exact hand, I couldn't find it. I didn't spend a ton of time looking, but I'm still kind of irked that it may not be there. I might try importing the hands later to see if I can find it.

After a while I just played some 25, and I ended up basically up two buyins at that game. Combined with my donkament "score" I figured I should be pretty darn close to break even for the evening.

Here's the confusing part: I ended up down almost two buyins. (Initially I thought it was six, but I realized I was misremembering the start balance). I know I bleed off some with auto-rebuys activated, but I can't remember doing much damage at all. No other stackings, not so much chasing, no super retarded beats that I can recall.

Whatever. I'm sure it's right and I just spewed off more than I recall. Still a bummer to see the ending number in black and white though.

I'm almost within 1000 points of my goal. It's going to take longer than I would like - if I had last week's bankroll I could knock it out in one session - since I'm down about 65% in the last seven days or so. You can find me and the ghost of my roll donking it up at the nanolimit rush games until then. Once that's done I may just quit.

1 comment:

OhCaptain said...

Friday night was a good Time! You just had to know the hammer would get there. It's a blogger donkament :)