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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bullet Points

* I don't think it's going to take too long before I reconsider the idea of playing in a lot of BBT3 events. We're only two days in, I haven't gone deep at all and I'm still dog tired. Late night tournaments, big fields, work and the damned eastern time zone do not mix.

* Okay, I will probably play the remaining events this week, but then it's re-evaluation timezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Huh, wait, what? Where was I?

* I'm giving consideration to starting an anonymous rant blog. It will be solely for bad posts about stupid things that bug me. If I had started it already, today's topic would be Microsoft and how you can't convince Hotmail to classify their annoying mass emails as "junk" by default. Spam is spam.

* No offense to Guinness & Politics or other people who are into such things, but I am loving being "off the grid" when it comes to this election crap. I haven't seen any TV ads or commentary - I haven't turned on my TV since football season ended - and because of where I live radio ads have been non-existent as well. If the ads do get cranked up this fall, I'm switching to CDs and MP3s for the duration.

* Speaking of political junk, it's going to be hard to work up any enthusiasm to even vote come November. I generally loathe politicians and definitely see this as trying to choose which is the less of two evils. Do I go with the ideologically bankrupt, corruption-riddled party that's been running things and who will happily screw me over if some lobbyist donates a bunch of money, or do I go with the other one (which is the same only different)? Yay democracy.

* And thus concludes what will hopefully be the last political post ever on this blog.

* Stud hi tonight. Say it with me, people. "Brick, brick, brick, DAMMIT!"

* I'm looking forward to playing stud because it means that I can't run KK into JJ.

* The only stud hi specialist I can think of is the Rooster. Who else is a big stud, um, player?

* I guess I could run KK/x into JJ/J, but that's different. Shut up.

* These are getting shorter.

* Yes I am aware that content is a little lacking - in this post and in general. There are a lot of reasons for that. I don't watch TV poker. I've mostly given up reading the 2+2 forums (a giant timesuck). I don't play all that much anymore. Many things have been said enough times that I don't feel like restating the obvious. I'm not reading books or otherwise trying to improve my game. Just like in life, I'm coasting. And complaining.

* Also, poker sucks.

* If I haven't made sense anytime during the last couple weeks, I'm blaming it on paint fumes. One room almost done, several to go. Shaping up a house really blows, and there is still the yard to be done and a dumpster to be filled with junk oh joy. I would be more enthused if anything were selling.

* It would also help if it were spring.

* As part of the above project and in the interest of just shaking things up, I think I might move my computer gear out of the office before the Bodonkey tonight. Maybe set up in the living room, where I once won a tournament on Titan when the funds were getting low.

It's not like I'm superstitious or anything...

* I would like to be a little better at Blogger (and at HTML). I want to increase the font size for my posts, but I can't seem to do so without it also increasing the font size for the left column - which of course totally messes up the ads in that column since those boxes don't resize. It doesn't seem to mess up the ones on the right, which is odd. Perhaps if I studied the template I could figure out why it behaves this way.

* More caffeine will be required before lunch. Need energy now. Post ending.


Joe Speaker said...

Having you, me and drizz in the same chat conference is such a huge vortex of bad poker luck, I'm surprised the earth didn't implode.

Drizztdj said...

You'd figure if the three of us pushed all-in on the same hand at the same table the chips would get awarded to the cashier instead of potentially crashing the system.