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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Forecast Calls For Mostly Grouchy

Current mental state: One of detachment.

Nothing much poker going on this week. I did watch a bunch of the Bodonkey Tournament of Champeens, at least up to the point where Drizz took a hard kick square in the nuts (KK vs T8o, T8o calling his shove). I could have played the M00kie last night, but I forgot to register in time. I'll probably pass on playing tonight and tomorrow as well. One thing that could make me change my mind is the humidity level - if it gets way up there, sitting in front of the fan and slinging virtual chips is probably about as ambitious as I'll get.

There is still some kind of poker tournament going on in Las Vegas. I find that I am following the WSOP via the net more than I expected and for that I tip my cap (or I would if I were wearing one) to the folks doing the grunt work. Nice job folks.

I still don't know if we have local charity games any more. I might look into that this weekend, but I probably won't have time.


In other developments, there have been dramabombs all over the poker blogosphere the last week or so. My reaction?

Living in a virtual bubble isn't always bad.

BTW, I could probably summarize my entire life with about four LOLcats. But since I like you, I won't.


Off topic life tilt digression coming right up.

I have, by my current count, about six categories* of things that I'm trying to accomplish with some elevated level of urgency. Prioritizing them is absolute hell. All of them range from "kinda hot" to "habanero in the eyes". They all need immediate action.

The thing is, these objectives are all conflicting to various degrees. I can't make serious progress on Goal A without at least skimping on time spent working toward Goal B, and in multiple cases, the work I do on Goal C is directly harmful (or at least complicates) Goals D and E.

I've never been especially good at multitasking - I would much rather have a single thing to work on at any given time - but this is making me absolutely crazy. I know that everyone has this issue - more time at work always means less time for personal improvement - but it's never been this bad for me. I can't figure out what to do and when, which means ...

I end up in full avoidance mode, making things even worse later on.

It looks like I need an energy rush of epic proportions. Among other things.

* I say "categories", because these are broad brush issues - one category, for example, is "get caught up on delinquent projects at work" - not real specific matters like "finish the X file".


Speaking of things I need, I need a vacation.

I probably won't get more than a long weekend anytime soon, but I least I can get a little mental vacation by booking my flights for Vegas in December (w00). Here's hoping that my airline of choice doesn't go bankrupt between now and then!

Six months away and I'm already excited. December really is the most wonderful time of the year.


kurokitty said...

i can has dramas?

Ignatious said...

i had a caption but ^kuro's is better.