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Friday, May 09, 2008

Oh, This Is Different

Hey, it's a poker post without a bad beat story! Yay!

I actually played the Riverchasers without experiencing a single bad beat. I'm thrilled - more thrilled than I should be about my 58th place finish.

I played sound - if my ego were more Hellmuthian, I'd dare say 'perfect' - poker for an hour and change. No bad decisions. I dumped KK like whoa when my preflop raise got two callers and an ace appeared in the door. I made a couple low risk high reward moves and chipped up from 3k to nearly 4k. Not flashy but very solid. Like I know I
can play. I even got a couple hands. Yes.


And then I realized that it was pushing 10:30, I was tired and it was way past time to go home. Focus lost, I made a poor decision, running AJo on the button into AKo in the big blind on an ace high flop. I did think it through but shoved anyway. No excuses, it was just wrong. Bad play. Stupid play. Oh well. I can work on focus.

That was it for the evening. No cash games, no pushfests, no other poker. Actually, that's probably it for the weekend, unless the weather really turns lousy. Too much to do, too much to do.

1 comment:

katitude said...

good suckouts? how did you accomplish that????? lol