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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Club Foot

I go to dip my toes back into the world of poker ... and I get cut off at the ankles.

Apparently the poker gods are still unhappy with me - I hope it's not just because I mix metaphors, badly - as things continue to go poorly. After taking a couple days off, the sjambok of the poker gods, the Full Tilt random number generator, administered yet another beatdown last night. I got home too late to play the Bodonkey or Skillz Series, so I jumped into a blogger cash game for a couple orbits.

I shouldn't have bothered.

Looking at things positively, I have noticed that my prediction skills are improving. I've been able to call the exact card that will come and hose me with deadly accuracy of late - to the point of saying "river King" out loud as soon as cards were flipped up on my one big hand of the night: My AQ on a KJT flop against Evy's KT.

King comes, buyin goes. Like Fuel says, flopped straights never win.

Oh, well. I definitely think that taking a couple days off was a good thing. I didn't get the least bit excited or upset about the hand - I simply stood up, shut down and did what I was going to do shortly anyway - get some sleep. I'm on a much more even keel. I'm not obsessing over the hand - really, it played itself - and it is what it is. Just another loss. It's okay.

Life goes on.

That doesn't mean that this slide is enjoyable. The fictional online bankroll has reached its lowest point since the early days of this blog and that fact is going to push me onto the sidelines for a while. I may hit up a friendly microstakes game or pushfest from time to time - and I have to remember to play my Stars Step 2 soon - but for the most part I'm out of the game. I'm just not interested in playing any lower.

It's a good thing that spring is more or less here and there are other things to do...