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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

I try and get caught up on my blog reading during breakfast. Today, I remember reading Stb's post about food drives - and in particular, grape jelly:
Nothing says helping the hungry like grape jelly!!!

I felt so relieve so see that jelly on the table. Just knowing some hobo can walk off the street, into the soup kitchen, and get some jelly on their bread warms my heart. Knowing they can have the PB&J just like all of us working stiffs may just be the jumpstart they need to get their lives back together.

So, anyway, I had to make an appearance this afternoon. After I cleared security, I came across THIS:

I know it's a super-crappy camera phone picture, but it is what it is: A food drive table where someone contributed a CASE of mf'n grape jelly. 24 jars.

Grape. Jelly. Bitches.

I might need to go to Wal-Mart this weekend and buy some lucky family a five pound pail of peanut butter and a few loaves of white bread to go with it.


Last night's pokering was not successful. I finished in the 30s somewhere in the Skillz Series. Didn't play well, didn't play awful. Mostly didn't get real good cards. No rolled up hands. I survived one all in where I made a gutshot straight on 5th. Bricked a couple flush draws where I had the first four cards all sooted. It was Stud Hi - in other words, whatever.

The Bodonkey featured something I haven't done in a while - an actual misclick. I had AK on an ace high board against JmatthewsonIII. I had a feeling that the river Jack hosed me, so I thought better of my bet and went to check - oops, misclick, there go 1300 extra chips to his AJ. I'm so used to having 2 screens and lots of space that playing just on the laptop was kinda weird.

I hung on for a while, but it was frustrating getting marginal push hands when short only to have Yestbay on my right open shoving before I got a chance to do so myself. I ultimately went out 13th to Drizz - somehow he dodged a ton of outs - with A4s vs his KK, I had bottom pair on the flop, an over, a gutshot and a flush draw on the river. None hit, obviously. Way to go on and win, ya donkey.

Tonight, things are going to be different. I'm sick of spending all my time in the bottom 20% of chipstacks. I'm going BIG or I'm going home. Metaphorically speaking, anyway, since I'll be playing from there. Yawl are officially on notice, I'm playing like a retard tonight, shoving early and often.

1 comment:

StB said...

Jelly rules!!! There was more jelly on the table this morning along with some peanut butter.