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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Best. Bounty. Ever.

I ungraciously busted Katitude recently in the special anniversary edition of the Dollar Donkament.

Instead of a lecture, I received this:

I can't even begin to describe how incredibly cool it is. Thanks, Kat!

Oh, and yeah, that's Saturdays with Dr. Pauly in the background. Not long after taking that picture I got donked by a guy calling a pot preflop raise out of position with T832 double suited and then calling a near-pot-sized shove on a Q76 flop with no suits. River 9 for the smoooooth four outer.


I continue to run good and will be going back on poker hiatus, at least for the rest of the weekend.

Have a good one.


Ingoal said...

Nice screenshot...I can even read my whining, lol...oh and nice bounty too :-)

Good luck at the tables...

katitude said...

YW Mike :-) Glad it got there ok.