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Friday, January 15, 2010


More cards. No content.

I put in what was for me a marathon session last night. I have no idea how accurate the software's hand tracker is but it showed over 2200 hands played.

From the start it was a roller coaster but mostly moving in the down direction. After a while the beats got to me. I think it was having four big pairs snapped off in five minutes that finally pushed me over the edge. I became: ANGRY DONK ON TILT.

You know what? Things actually got a little better.

ADOT is more aggressive than plain old me. ADOT is playing hard to win those 3BB pots. ADOT laughs in the face of your feeble effort to raise his big blind. ADOT says "f--- you. And you and you and you" as he rakes in a winner. ADOT plays a wider range of hands and when he hits he hits big.

If I'm honest with myself I'll admit that I'm never going to be a full time LAG. I can do loose, but aggression is just contrary to my nature. It is the a number one reason why I'll never be anything in poker.

But if I can channel just a little more of ANGRY DONK ON TILT - while keeping the tilt part of it in check - I think I'll have better results.


I finished my session feebly after another series of ridiculous beats, ending up down about half a buy in. The takeaway from that - other than how annoyed I continue to be at how far below expectation I'm running against short stackers - is how fine the edge is between profit and loss.

Really. All I needed for a profitable session was for one of these hands to hold up. AA went down to a four flushed QQ. AKs lost to AQo. AKo lost to KJo. All hands where I have the better cards, play them strongly and simply get run down. It happens.

I lost three flips to the same short stacker (on two different tables) and he also sucked out on me once. Standard.

The board could have paired one time when I ran a flopped set into a flopped straight. Nope.

I had probably five or six hands where I held a winner on the river and bet into a opponent who had either showed strength or called down. I tried bet sizes from 1/2 pot to double pot. I didn't get a single call. Again, all it would have take is one (or maybe two) marginal calls and I'm in the black.

I don't need to play better, I just need stupider opponents.

And I was SO disappointed not to make money on what should have been gold. I hold 7c 6c on the button. Four players see a Ax 3c 5c flop. Turn is a brick (Js I think). I've bet the flop and turn - modestly - to disguise my hand. River is the cash card - 4d. One of my opponents underbets the pot, I overshove for value and and am PUMPED to see him call ...

until he flips 7s 6s for the chop. Dammit.

That kind of night.

Oh well. I'm not fazed by the small loss. There are going to be losing sessions.


One hand I'm still wondering if I foozled.

I'm dealt AA in the big blind. It folds around to the SB, who raises to 3x. I reraise to 10x, SB calls.

Flop is K55. Check, I bet half pot, SB instashoves for 3x what's in (basically a shove of 90 when the pot's at 29).

I folded. Still not sure if that was right. KK, AK or other?

After a hand like that I'd like to see a button where you could potentially pay to see what your opponent had. The opponent could set the price - I think in a situation like that if someone wanted to pay me 1/2 the pot on top I'd let the software disclose what I had.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I want to cry at that fold, man. You are ahead of 99.999999999% of the range he shoves there with -- including most pocket pairs, certainly the higher ones, and pretty much any King, certainly again the higher ones. I would assume with all that strength he's got AK or KQ. The only realistic thing to be worried about is KK, and you can't possibly put him on that specific hand just from the preflop raise-call and the flop push. How can you fold there instead of trying to get value out of those Aces? What is your thought process there?

Schaubs said...

Even I know enough to call there. If he hs you beat the its just a coolerific hand.

Call all the way to the bank dude.

I blame ADOT for that fold.

smokkee said...

when you lead out for half pot, it looks weak. which is a good reason to do it when you think you've got the other guy crushed. keep this in mind when someone shoves your half pot flop bets.