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Friday, January 29, 2010

It Doesn't Always Work Out The Way You Planned It

A little more "hey this is the boring **** that I'm up to" content.

Last night's WBCOOP event ended in less-than-glorious fashion. I accumulated some chips early, then left the office very late and missed about half of the second hour, returning to a stack of T7500 after the break.

I folded dreck for an orbit or so before getting 97o in my big blind. Three limpers (!), the SB folded and I check my option. With blinds of 250/500/75 (ish) there was about T3,000 in the pot.

Flop of Q 9 7 rainbow. With bottom two pair, being first to act and with only about T5,000 behind I think my only option here really was to shove. I didn't really think it through - I had been thinking stop-and-go while people were limping - but even in hindsight I don't think I do anything different. I simply didn't have enough chips to get anybody to fold otherwise and on that board people are going to have outs. I guess I could have squeezed preflop but meh. Not really my game and I'm not a donkament player so I dunno.

As it turns out only one guy folded anyway. I got two callers - JTo had an open ender and KQo had top pair good kicker. The straight got there on the river and I went home in 182nd place.

Not bad, not a beat, just how it happened. One of those times you lose and say - paraphrasing more people that I would have guessed - "I regret nothing."


Rush last night was a real grind. I think I may try playing the regular tables this weekend some - I want to see if they might actually be softer than the Rush tables. Always looking for an easier way to accumulate those play chips. This may be a sign that my fascination with the game is easing - aided by the rise of both nittery and rampant three betting.

Getting to the play, for a change I decided to go up early instead of stacking off a few times, but things swung into the red when I lost a steroid-enhanced stack to this lovely setup:

I get JJ in position. It's raised, I three bet. Raiser and one other call.

Flop is A J 6 with two spades. EP guy bets and I raise. Call.

Turn is Qd. EP fires, I raise, he shoves, obviously I call.

EP shows AQo.

River A. Sigh.

Same as above - no regrets. I made the correct play and it just happened to be one of those times where the other guy hit his ten percenter.

I worked at it for a while and got back to a loss of a little over one buyin for the night.


Hey, I know. How do you make a bad post worse? Talk about your dreams!

Okay, okay. I know. But humor me anyway.

I never remember dreams. This is probably because they're rarely memorable. But over the last week I've had a couple of good ones, memorable because they've been so vivid. It's been like watching my life in HD and for once there are no natural disasters, flunking out of college because I forgot I registered for a class until the final or other downers.

I woke up on Monday while I was waiting for a pit boss to come back with my check after I hit a slot jackpot of just under $120,000 - you want to talk about waking up in a good mood let me tell you that will do it. Also: WTF man I barely play slots they're dumb.

Yesterday I woke up just as I was taking down an event in the FTOPS. Again, it was a very specific amount, heck I even had the event number down. After doing some checking this morning I've come to the conclusion that it had to be a Mini-FTOPS event - the dollar amount wasn't large enough to be the regular FTOPS event. Also: I looked up the event number and the odds of me winning a 6 max NLHE donkament are probably worse than those of me winning the Mega Millions tonight.

Really I have no idea what prompted these happy wakeups - it could be the sleep deprivation, it could be the excessive pokering, it could be some other stuff going on in my personal life, but let me tell you I can't remember the last time Monday morning felt so good.

Anyway that's it for the moment, more stupid content later, presumably after I donk out of whatever tonight's WBCOOP event is. I think it might be 8 game mix night but don't quote me on that. If it is I predict that my bustout hand will involve brick-brick-brick-dammit.

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