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Friday, December 01, 2006

I Used Wikipedia To Correctly Spell 'Sacagawea' In This Title

Following in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark and some other dudes, I visited a strange and exotic new land last night.

I had recently read a post by Captain KirkFalstaff about the loony and weak inhabitants of Sector 9small stakes Cap NL Fun World over at Full Tilt.

So I hiked over for a visit. Maybe there would be Tribbles. Or, barring that, Triscuits. I was kind of hungry.

Yes, I am fully aware that I'm mixing metaphors here. I'm not exactly putting 110% effort into this post. Shut it.

Anyway, I was greetedignored by the denziens of this oddly familiar world. I pulled up a chair, sat down, and was quickly rewarded with a few stacks of silvery-looking things.

One of the denziens who showed up later looked kind of familiar. I don't know what species he was, so we'll call it a "Chilly".

Between myself and the Chilly were a couple of single-celled organisms who had somehow come into some of the shiny silver things but who were intent on giving them away as rapidly as possible. The one to my left, who we'll call SUPERDUMBAZZ for lack of a proper genus and species, was especially notable.

We played a card game. Using conventional cards, amazingly enough.

I am dealt an ace and deuce of spades, as well as a plastic thing called a "button".

The Chilly plays the hand, and so does the SUPERDUMBAZZ.

There is a flop, Ten Nine Six, with two spades.

The SUPERDUMBAZZ bets, the Chilly raises. I'm not really getting good odds here, but I'm willing to try for the triple. I call.

SUPERDUMBAZZ raises to to the Cap amount thingy. The Chilly calls. I'm pretty much compelled to call, getting about 351 to 1 or something on my silvery things. I'm not exactly sure, though. Math is hard. Especially when you're exploring strange new worlds.

The Chilly shows top pair, crap kicker and a gutshot.

The SUPERDUMBAZZ shows a five and four of spades for the decidedly non-nut and oops it's no good flush draw and entirely counterfeited backdoor straight draw. Not surprisingly, he doesn't win. Nice re-raise, though.

I didn't win either. Stupid Chilly thing dodged all my outs and stuff. I meant to call him a name, but I was busy being attacked by something. I think it was called a 'telemarketer'.

After that was finished, I decided that I liked my little silvery things and wanted them back, but even if I couldn't get the Chilly's greedy mitts off of them, at least I could get some more from the SUPERDUMBAZZ.

And so I did.

I gave the SUPERDUMBAZZ a nice pat on the head for giving me a fresh stack when it thought A3o might be good on a flop of A99. It wasn't, at least against my AQo.

Cue the theme from What's Happening!

I sadly had to return to my own world in time to visit the anti-sleep-deprivation chamber, so I beamed off or something. No big stack of silvery things, but no poorer for the experience.

I'll be back, but until then, I'll miss them, those ... Gorillas in the Mist SUPERDUMBAZZes and Chillys and stuff.

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mark said...

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