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Monday, October 10, 2005


I've been told that I show more more mood swings than most any blogger out there. It's true, it's true. I'm poker-bipolar or something.

If you read anyone who knows what they're talking about, this is *not* a good trait for a poker player. The party line is that you're supposed to be an emotional rock, never too high, never too low. Gee, do you think this is, at least in part, why I suck?

Anyway, the mood swings have never been more in evidence than they have of late, like this weekend. I got absolutely savaged for two days on Titan. One outers. Four outers. You name it. I saw the Party Bad Beat Jackpot was approaching $200,000, so for a change of pace, I reloaded there and had a decent session. Now I'm happy, right? Not for long, of course. Two bad sessions, and I'm way down. I play tournaments on Titan and suffer ridiculous beats. I get knocked out from a $2500 guaranteed when I'm in great position for a major cash when my KK loses to QQ. I make a few bucks, but nothing worth writing about.

The rollercoaster continued tonight. I played a bit more on Party, was getting drubbed yet again. I'm glad my computer doesn't have ears, because it was getting cussed out big time. It finally turned around, and I quickly stopped once I got up a couple BBs.

I'm donking around on Titan at the same time, trying to clear a few bonus dollars. It's not working - I'm losing money at 1/2 6 Max faster than I'm clearing the bonus. So I give it up and sign up for the $5 rebuy. 113 of my pals joined me.

I'm not a fan of rebuys, but the Titan ones aren't that bad. You're not guaranteed to be in for 3x the buy-in, since you can't rebuy unless you bust.

First hand, 43o in the big blind. I flop the sucker end of the straight, and get three callers to my all-in after a harmless turn. The board counterfeits one of my cards, so I end up splitting. Double up. That was the highlight of the first hour. As I groused to the extremely tolerant Princess, I played one other hand, 54o, in the next 52 minutes. With the add-on, I have less than 2000 chips after the first hour. As it turns out, I have to make the final table just to get my buy-in back.

Which, strangely enough, ended up happening. With a little railbirding from Sir F, I made it to heads up. I had the lead a couple times, and twice had my opponent all in while holding the better hand, but he outdrew me both times, and ended up beating my 55 with AK.

2nd place. Best finish in a long time now. The beauty of the multi-table tournament, erasing three days of losses and then some in three short hours.

Highs and lows. You gotta love them.


SirFWALGMan said...

Ha, your an amature compared to my swings.

Ignatious said...

oh. the. humanity.

Drizztdj said...

Male Pattern PMS?

Grats on the MTT finish.