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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Spending Too Much Time In The Ozone

Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Winning $0.56 Playing $5 PLO

Everybody who plays this stupid game has a reason for doing so.

For me, it’s about escape as much as anything else. Escape from reality. Escape from what, truth be told, is a pretty boring day-to-day existence. There isn’t any glamour, and there is precious little fun, in doing what I do for a living. You won’t find a lot of after-work excitement in this town, either, so it’s pretty easy to just vanish off into the intarweb.

It doesn’t take much to get me into full escapist mode. I was reading 2+2 while eating lunch yesterday, and a Party Poker employee threw the following comment into a more or less unrelated post:

On a side note, if there is anyone looking to work full time (in Gibraltar) and has a understanding of online poker, what players want and what is out there; email me.

Hey, I could think of far worse places to live and work. So I did a little searching. Party Gaming has a nice sales pitch. They even have quite a few job openings. Too bad I’m not especially qualified for any of them – they don’t appear to have a need for someone with a largely unused MBA and a poorly written poker blog. I don’t think I can spin “has played microlimits at a large number of online poker sites” into “vast experience in the online poker industry”.

Damn. Okay, lunch over, back to reality.

I think that, in a way, using the game as an escape is a problem. It means that I tend to avoid doing things which would improve my game, but which seem too much like work. Like, say, reading (I still haven’t really applied myself to either SSHE or the Harrington book). It also means that I avoid taking shots at things which offer an attractive payday – I tend to avoid tournaments with more than a couple hundred players, since slogging through a field of a thousand or more is a grind.

(As an aside, it doesn’t do this blog any favors, either. I tend to just spit out whatever’s on my mind. The result of which is that you get these poorly constructed posts that are to grammar and proper writing what the British Army was to the French at Waterloo. Editing is for far better people than I, or at least for those who have the time.)

Really, it's more fun to just goof around. Instead of grinding through easily attainable bonus dollars, an escapist ends up sitting at a $5 PLO Omaha table, goofing around playing 89% of all hands with fellow sad addicts internet pals Maigrey , Drizz and GameC, plus a very incognito Gcox25. Good times.

And way better times than doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom.

Now, for tonight's departure from reality, I think I'll try to remember to buy a lotto ticket. One more cheap buy-in to the fantasyland wonder express.

Odds and Ends

It must have been a reeeeeally slow weekend on the poker front if Oddjack threw a link to my vent post about Titan into their remainders section yesterday.

Speaking of Titan, well, they still suck. I got two emails in response to my issues on Sunday – one saying that they’d received my message, the other a form letter which essentially said “we had some connection problems, it’s now safe for you to log back in”. Yeah. I had some small hope that they would refund my $6.30, since they've acknowledged the problem was on their end, but that doesn’t appear likely.

While I’m reviewing poker rooms, I’d like to extend kudos to the fine folks at BoDog, who got my cashout processed and into Neteller in less than 24 hours. Or, in other words, a hell of a lot faster than Titan – still waiting on that one.

At least I finished the Titan PSO promotion, even if I didn't come close to fully clearing available bonus dollars, so I have a nice parting gift coming just as soon as I figure out what to get. If I do another one or two, I should rack up enough points to get an Ipod Nano, which would be tempting.

I forgot to mention that the Canterbury bad beat jackpot hit on Friday while I was on dinner break. I believe it was just under $20,000, and I think it was on a 3/6 table (although I’m not sure about that). I suppose that I wish I’d gotten back an hour earlier, maybe I’d have been lucky enough to get seated at that table.

When taking an after-lunch piss (not next to any famous poker players, sorry) in a restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, I noticed one of those bathroom-wall ads for Two thoughts – for one, that’s pretty bold, advertising something that’s presumptively illegal in Minnesota, and for another: In your face, Jesse Ventura!

I have now officially wasted mass quantities of time, so that's all for this episode. Stay tuned for real poker content, coming soon to some other blog near you.


Drizztdj said...

That ad has been up for awhile in different bars around here.

No idea why its ok to post them...

Then again we did vote the feather boa'd one to the governor's seat.

GaryC said...

Incognito only due to the length of time I've been blogging(if you can call it that). I had a great time, though, and will definitely be back.

.01/.02 might just be my calling. I think I only lost three bucks at that table.


Meek said...

Where can I get more details on the Titan PSO offering? I was only whoring the bonus.