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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Contest Entry

I went ahead and sent something to get in the PokerStars 'what is a good blog?' contest. Drizz has a real nice entry up already. Good luck to all who enter!


A Good Blog

Recipe by: on_thg, Res Ipsa Poker
Serving Size: Unlimited
Preparation Time: Lots

* 1 Subject, whole

* 1 dash, Inspiration
(Alternative: May substitute 1 or more dashes of Insanity)

* a pinch or two of Personality

* 1 heaping C of Dedication

* One large bunch, Words

* Pictures, as desired

* Good Presentation, to taste
(like salt, more is better, so don’t be shy)

Combine all ingredients. Stir. Place on a Server and enjoy!

VARIATION: A Good Poker Blog
For authentic Poker Blog flavor, before stirring add the following ingredients:

* 1 handful, fresh Poker-Related Opinions
(may be ill-formed or half-baked, if desired; use of idiotic variety may cause
deflation of your Poker Blog)

* a small quantity of Hand Histories and/or Analysis, preferably good quality.

* (optional) some Bad Beat Stories and/or Shameless Bragging
(you may want to limit quantities as an excess has been known to cause
nausea or anger in some consumers)

* additional Personality, as needed for digestion.


Maigrey said...

I heart this post

Drizztdj said...

Nicely done THG ;)