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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Next Time And Every Time Thereafter, Oh Yes I Will

Another boring hand history post. Party $2/4. Average table. The player to my left has solid PT numbers.

It's folded around to me in the small blind. I have the hand of all hands, the Hammer -- 7d 2c in this case.

What to do, what to do. I know, why not raise? Yes!

The BB calls. Darn.

Flop contains a 7 and a 2! Awesome! Bet, raise, reraise, cap.

Turn is a 4. Pump that pot. Okay, wait, villain raised again. Slow down.

River is meaningless, although it does put a potential flush out there. Check and call.

Villain defended his blind with 7-4 off, capped the flop with 2nd pair and got lucky to turn a four. No frush, but he wins. I love the table chat immediately after the hand:

Villain: next time you will not raise my blind
Villain: 72
Villain: screw you

Just another satisfied Donkey Poker customer.

1 comment:

Pokerwolf said...

I love how this dork acts like he's holding Pocket Rockets when he beat you with 74o. Highly amusing.