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Monday, May 09, 2005

It May Be Noble, But...

Just got squared away with Noble Poker for this week's events.


My initial impression: All time least favorite interface. Words can't even describe how much I don't like it. I forsee an immediate post-Wednesday cashout, deposit bonus or no deposit bonus.


TenMile said...


Hope you tried a game or two.

Drizztdj said...

There's some very fishy play at the NL tables, give them a try.

on_thg said...

I'll see if I can stand it. Seriously.

I signed up for the $10 rebuy last night, and about halfway through the first hour I couldn't take it any more. I semi-intentionally dumped what I had left by reraise/pushing with 77, lost, didn't rebuy, and bailed.

Noble will get another chance tonight and tomorrow, but it sure drove me nuts yesterday.

Maigrey said...

You are so right on with this - it drives me NUTTY, but the games are pretty soft, and the short handed .5/1 tables make quick work out of the bonus.

Joe Speaker said...

I signed up last week and haven't yet been able to bring myself to play anything there.

I'm thinking I'm a hit-and-run consumer myself.

Easycure said...

I'm with you.....throw $50 at the WPBT tourney tonight and get the bleep out of there.