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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year, Same As The Old Year

I wrapped up 2012 by playing another session of live charity poker.  Surprisingly there weren't many people and we ended up playing shorthanded.  I played miserably but had one big hand that got me back above even.  I decided to play my last hand with a suited ace UTG for $7 in about a six way pot, completely whiffed and ended up with a $6 loss for the night.  A small price to pay for good entertainment.  I saw more veterans of the old location where I played several years ago, still grinding.

2013 looks to be more of the same.  I see no reason to be optimistic about legalization of online poker - which is just dumb considering the federal government's insatiable thirst for revenue - particularly since I live in a state which has made no noise about allowing state-regulated games. 

I will probably play live a couple of times.  I plan to read a lot less of the 2+2 forums.  If I get really bored I might doodle a cartoon.  Poker in 2013 looks a lot like it will be a repeat of 2012.

Good luck to those who are still grinding.

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