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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Everything Forgone

Just checking to see if this thing still exists. It does? Great.

It's been months since I've played any poker. I haven't been able to make the pilgrimage to Las Vegas. My preferred charity poker room shut down quite a while ago. I don't really care enough to run the risks involved in playing on any of the U.S.-facing poker sites. Lobbying and legislative efforts have gone nowhere. I haven't even been to a home game in forever. No wonder this blog is dead.

Maybe I'll play poker in 2013. Or maybe I'll just find a new hobby.

I read somewhere that the DOJ payment process for U.S. players continues to inch forward, with (iirc) an adminstrator to be named after the first of the year.

Hmm. I wonder how many of the people that had money on FTP are going to have their payout intercepted because they owe back taxes, defaulted on student loans, are subject to child support garnishment or anything else like that. Federal payments are exempt from a lot of things, but the government itself is very good on collecting its due.

Could be that a number of folks are going to be very dissapointed if payouts ever happen.


LOL POKER BLOGS. That is all.


KenP said...

Alive and well I see. Nice to see it confirmed.

Loved you Microsoft/USSR comment:
CONTACT: resipsapoker at hotmail dot communism is a failed system

True at so many levels. :)

smokkee said...

Hey someone flicked the lights on in

on_thg said...

1. Renew domain name
2. Remember that you have a blog on said domain name
3. ???
4. Profit