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Thursday, September 30, 2010


I walked out of K Mart tonight to a scene I haven't run across in quite a while. Just a few steps from the doors two skinny dudes straddled a woman, keeping her pinned to the pavement. A spilled sack of stuff from inside the store was nearby. It looked mostly like things from the health and beauty department - shampoo and such. Even though I hadn't seen what happened it was pretty obvious that the lady had been busted for shoplifting.

I hung around for a moment to wait for the police to arrive. It took about three minutes, a nice testament I guess to the efficiency of the local PD. A second cruiser arrived seconds later and within another minute or two the suspect had been double cuffed and stowed in back. As she was being put away one of the two dudes - obviously store security - told her to 'have a nice day'. The lady returned the pleasantry and I wandered off to my next stop.


I don't have any poker to write about. It's been ages since I've played live and I hardly even consider it an option. It would be a struggle to come up with a meaningful roll and I don't see a point to going to a game with barely one buyin. What's the point?

Online is somewhat the same. I do have a little there (thanks largely to to Full Tilt and the occasional bone thrown by Stars) so I could play if I wanted to, but again - what's the point?

It's a struggle playing well below where you are used to playing. It's hard to keep focus. Some guys (like BadBlood) can do it. I admire those who can. I'm just ADD enough to fail.


In my book, if you're going to try to steal something you might as well make it worthwhile. A couple bottles of Prell ain't gonna cut it.

"What does that have to do with anything?" I hear you ask. Well, nothing.

I've tried to keep this space pretty focused on things which are at least somewhat poker related over the years. As a result, it's been languishing. Going forward I might find some other things to "write" about.

Or then again I might get tased by store security. It sure as hell won't be at K Mart though. And when I tell the dudes to 'have a nice day' I'll probably be a little more sincere than what's her name.

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