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Monday, August 09, 2010

I Need To Un-Hobby

Summertime and the posting is sparse. Long hours at work and a lack of air conditioning at home are conspiring to sap any initiative I might otherwise have.

On the poker front I received another bonus offer from Full Tilt last week - again for a couple hundred bucks. While I took the time to opt in over the weekend, the chances that I rack up the 10,000 FTPs necessary to clear it over the next 30 days are rather slim.

I will be taking a different approach this time. Rather than focusing on grinding out hands and racking up FTPs by playing multiple tables of Rush Poker above my bankroll comfort level, this time I'm just going to play a little microstakes. If I get inspired and move up so be it, but for now I'm planning on low and slow. I won an extra value meal playing PLO on Saturday so things are off on a positive note.


Going off topic, I always enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I try some new handyman project and manage to succeed. I've posted about some of those battles before - I've had issues with oddly sized light bulbs, a faucet that had no flow and I may or may not have posted about fun with drains. Thanks to the internet and especially YouTube it's easier than ever to figure out how to fix stuff yourself.

Unfortunately I have a really, really long list of things that I need to do. One of the things I did last week involved breaking out a needle and some thread for some minor clothing repair. I'm sad to say that the lessons I learned in 8th grade home ec haven't really stayed with me, although I did do what I set out to do. Still need to do some buttons but that's a separate project.

And then I went and effectively volunteered myself for something completely new -- upholstery work. I picked up an chair for a couple bucks via an auction site sight unseen. It turned out to be in very solid condition (and very comfortable) but the upholstery is both fugly and worn in a couple spots. For the time being I cleaned it up and have it covered with a sheet but that's a short term fix. Once winter rolls around I see myself working on a more permanent fix.


Not too much else is likely to happen around these parts for a while. The dog days are here. I'll probably spend far more time hanging out at the golf course than playing cards. And football season is right around the corner too.

Who has time for poker?


The Poker Meister said...

Quick question: I didn't get a bonus from FT. How did you get it? What is the bonus for?

on_thg said...

It was offered via email. I can only guess at reasons why it was offered - one that comes to mind is high volume play earlier in the year followed by almost zero play ... the pattern of a grinder who leaves the site because of no rakeback.

(it's also the pattern of the busto who sucks at poker but ...)

The Poker Meister said...

Okay. Thanks for clearing that up; it's the lack of rakeback. They've been doing that for rakeback-less players lately.