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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Post Worth Millions

How can you tell that I'm a full fleged pokertard?

I'll tell you how: I wear a hoodie when I play.


From my couch at home.

And you know what? The hood is usually UP.


Every once in a while I get an idea that could be worth millions. I had another one last night.


I play with the hood up because my ears get cold. It's a stupid reason and one that I could "handle" by growing out my hair or by cranking up the heat but natural gas is expensive. Besides it's not like anyone ever sees me nerding out.


Last night I decided I needed more gear. I had the heat turned up a bit more than usual. I was wearing layers. I had a blanket on - not a Snuggie but I kinda wished I had one at that moment. The hood was deployed. Everything was good, except ...

My hands were cold.


Cold hands. Gloves.

I need a pair of POKER GLOVES.

The world needs poker gloves.

Think about it. They would not only be useful in cold conditions - think about how many tales you've read about how cold it is at the World Series of Poker and in other card rooms - but they would also keep some of the grime, germs and general muck of the cardroom away from your hands. You could throw them in the wash after a session - hot water, extra bleach - and feel confident that you're clean.

Poker gloves. Do want.

I don't like being cold.


What I do like is running good. I hope it continues. PLEASE let it continue.

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