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Monday, January 25, 2010

Live Blogging Event #1 of the PokerStars WBCCOP

Monday, 25 Jan 2010
Location: My office
Mood: Foul

16:24 EDT: In less than one hour we will see the beginning of a week long online poker event the likes of which the world hasn't seen since the halcyon days of late aught eight.

That's right: It's back and it's on. The PokerStars World Blogger Championship Of Online Poker (WBCOOP) begins now. This time it's for pride -- and for free entry tickets into SCOOP, the Spring Championship Of Online Poker.

Let the donk-on-donk violence begin!

16:35 EDT: Our friends at PokerStars have been good to the blogging community. This is something like the third time - sorry, I'm not motivated to do any actual research at the moment - that Stars has hosted an event for bloggers. If you're not fully up to speed on what the WBCOOP is all about, the details can be found here.

16:40 EDT: As of this moment there are 1,598 players registered for Event #1. 153 places pay. Today's game is No Limit Hold'em, the Cadillac of poker preferred game of donktards every where. Expect the kicks to the junk to be quick, brutal and frequent.

16:42 EDT: Linkage for a few invisible blogger pals who are signed up to play:

Wheee, self-linkage!

Okay, scratch that idea. Let's just say that there are a lot of you - many of whom appear on the sidebar to the left - and I'm sure I'd miss a bunch. I don't really want to tick anybody off unnecessarily. That and I still have work to do.
Stupid Eastern Time.

16:49 EDT: Reality check. Live blogging is going to be sparse for a while. There's this whole work thing, followed by the part where I go home. I'll have to round up a few wretched souls to crank the generator that powers my Ye Olde (tm) PC and wait for it to boot. Hell, by the time all this stuff happens I'll have probably blinded out of Event #2.

Grunch: Don't expect to much out of this live blog because it totally won't deliver.

Ten minutes to game time.

16:51 EDT: While we're waiting, here is a strategy tip for tomorrow's Event #2 which is Pot Limit Omaha:


You're welcome.

17:00 EDT: What time is it?

First hand = WIN. Pocket tens take down a modest pot. Rigged.

17:09 EDT: So for I've had to minimize the window for a work question once and one opponent has donktarded his/her way out of the event by overplaying ace high. I'd say this about standard thus far. Three players sitting out at my table.

18:38 EDT: And we're back. Since I last checked in I doubled up with something, sat out while I listened to a detailed account of the end of the Vikings-Saints game, left the office, grabbed a pizza from Little Caesar's for dinner and had my midget minions fire up the puter.

First hand: QQ. I flop quads. Wheee. Currently 90th out of 455 remaining players with a bit over 10K in chips. T35k is leading.

18:45 EDT: Hey how about that. I briefly make an appearance in the top 10 chip stacks after AKo > AQo and A8o on a king high flop. Happy to have them shove on me. T24k. I have yestbay1 at my table, the only blogger I know that I've seen so far.

19:39 EDT: Kind of bored. Table captain on my left is dishing out advice and shoving hundreds of BBs any chance he gets preflop. I'm folding. A lot. 79/184 with about T18k. Zzzz.

19:55 EDT: Third break. Right at the break I got moved for the first time. Now, instead of an aggro dork on my left I have the 2nd largest chipstack on my right. Yay. 162 left, 153 paid.

20:18 EDT: The bubble has burst and we're now into muppet time. I've folded every hand for about an hour so I'm low. Time to puuuuush.

20:30 EDT: Waiting to push. I feel like I should be telling knock-knock jokes or something to pass the time here at this, the worst live blog ever.

And of course as I type this I get it all in with AKo against AA and 66 ... and I river broadway. Gross. T37k.

20:40 EDT: Losing focus. Actual muppets:

20:55 EDT: Fourth break. AA > AKo a few minutes ago gets me to almost T60k. Currently sitting 31/63. Second level payouts just kicked in, the next bump is at 36th place. I forsee additional raise or fold poker coming up. In anticipation, more muppets:

21:30 EDT: We've just reached the third payout level. 35 players remain. I have about T50k and will just be picking spots. Soon. Very soon.

21:42 EDT: Yes, in fact it HAS occurred to me that I'm going to need to double up at least twice to have any kind of shot at reaching the final table and the $215 ticket prize level. Argh.

21:55 EDT: And out. Last hand before the break, getting very short with T36k. Open shove 98s, called by QQ. I flop a gutshot, turn the open ender but don't get there.

Thank you Stars and railers!

PokerStars Tournament #280000001, No Limit Hold'em
1740 players
$5096.50 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: $5096.50 USD
Tournament started 2010/01/25 17:00:00 ET

Dear on_thg,

You finished the tournament in 21st place.

You have won an admission ticket to 'SCOOP - $33 Entry'. This ticket allows you
to participate only in a tournament of this type. Tickets are not redeemable for
cash or Tournament US Dollars; if you register and then unregister from the
tournament, your ticket will be returned.
/End liveblog


yestbay said...

Congrats on going so deep. Yeah, we had a bunch of winners at our table, didn't we? I got tired of sitting around and decided to double up or go home. We know which way that went.

United113 said...

yeah well done. I think you were sat to my right with about 50 to go??

Tycou said...

nice work

Buffalo66 said...

I didn't realize the FCC allowed muppets to scat on broadcast television.

Fuel55 said...

good run