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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Computer Stuff

Nothing much to say today.

I put in a decent session yesterday. It wasn't profitable - thanks largely to KK being worse than AKo, AA and 10c7c all in preflop- but it was very close to break even. At least the AA guy was super short. Also, as it turns out I did manage a couple points on Monday so I'm still on some kind of streak.

When I was about ready to quit I went to pop up the lobby. Mistake. Computer lockup. Something redlined the CPU - considering that I only had Full Tilt, Firefox and IE open those are your contenders - and it took forever to close anything. After about a half hour I finally gave up and did a hard reboot, which meant another half hour waiting for startup. So aggravating.

All this mess did give me time to ponder a question, though: Would it make more sense to get a better computer - I think my laptop has a Pentium Centrino chip and it's about five or six years old running Windows XP Pro - or would it make more sense to have a separate computer to run Firefox, Twitter, Windows Media Player, Youtube, whatever else I might have open? If I switch windows in my current setup I'll get a sluggish response - programs will show as 'not responding' - frequently resulting in timing out at the tables and worst case in computer lockup. I have a router and all the other jazz necessary, just not a second CPU.

This is really an academic question - the money's not there for either right now - but I'm still curious. Every once in a while something interesting pops up - Slickdeals had a barebones HP desktop with Windows 7 for dirt cheap the other day. Given how much time I spend on the computer it seems like a logical place to invest a few dollars when I have some.


KenP said...

Well I was going to explain it and then came to my senses.

it won't make it a core2 processor but it will make it act like it did in the old days.

KenP said...

Oh BTW the guy warns about taking things out that should stay and that's valid but might scare you. You can not only delete but also disable from the program. If you disable and then find that you need it, you can turn it back on. You can also take the names shown and google them. The first thing up is usually a pointer to info telling you who put it there and what it does.

on_thg said...

Thanks Ken, I'll mess around with that some. I have done so in the past - mostly trying to kill the evil undead zombie program that is ZoneAlarm - but not recently. I'm sure there are a few processes I can disable.