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Friday, July 24, 2009

Limping Toward 1000

With the end of the World Serious Of Poker, there doesn't seem to be much going on out there. The dog days of summer appear to coincide nicely with a dead zone in the poker calendar.

I've been playing a bit, mostly play chip PLO at Full Tilt. I win some, I have a bad session. Rinse, repeat. My hypothetical bankroll hasn't moved much in months, which leads me to believe that I'm pretty break even. I'm starting to mix in more lower level games with good results thus far.

One thing I've been puzzling over is the optimal number of tables to be playing. I know that for me, playing PLO, the number is more than 1. If I'm 1-tabling, I get bored and press. I'm also pretty sure that the number is less than 6. When I fire up that many tables or more I tend to make less than optimal decisions. As it stands right now, I think the ideal number is 4 - which is hard enough to reach given the relative dearth of full ring PLO games on FTP.

Anyway, that is what's happening. I'm certainly devoting much much more time to the golf course than the felt. Once football season starts I'll be devoting a bunch of time to that. I may have no life, but at least it's a balanced no life.

1 comment:

jjok said...

I'm finding 3 or 4 to be optimal. During freak times like during the "Happy Hours" on FT, sometimes you can play 6 really tight and see some good returns......but during normal hours 3 or 4 seems to be my most ideal.