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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I've been feeling disconnected lately, in more ways than one.

The main event at the World Series of Poker starts Friday. Yay, I guess. I've paid nearly zero attention to the spectacle this year, checking PokerNews once or twice when a blogger has made a run in one of the preliminary events. Some folks have had nice scores, and I guess that Hoyazo's $51k win in the Venetian series is pretty darned impressive as well. And - pending trip reports - it looks like there were some winners at Binions too. Well done.

While y'all are out there winning the big bucks, I actually found myself playing online four days in a row for the first time in ages. Actually, I should change that - I played three days in a row and on the fourth day gave back most of the winnings thanks to Full Tilt disconnecting me. Repeated disconnecting. It's really annoying to have that happen when you're holding the nuts and you have an omatard betting into you - and then you come back and half your stack is gone.

It's hard to muster up a whole lot of enthusiasm anymore for online play chip nano stakes. I stupidly play way above my LOLroll now - mostly the play chip equivalent of 50PLO and 100PLO. I even played the (fake) 200PLO for a while the other day, which is SUPER retarded when I have barely three buyins for that game accumulated.


On a different subject, Smokkee has been teasing the return of the Bodog Blogger Blonkament series. If you haven't bookmarked his new site, you might want to do that so that you don't miss out. I think I might have to fire up the software and see if I have any kind of balance.

1 comment:

KenP said...

I riled for a long time at the sites over this. I quit the paying blog with this part of the reason.

And, you know what, the sites admit it is strictly PR to accommodate those who think it is used to cheat. They know it isn't true but evidently there is so much complaining that they penalized the honest folks with problems.

Chau Giang lost a 30K pot on Tilt when it happened to him. So, count your blessings.